4 Things Trump Plans To Achieve In 2018

President Donald Trump finished 2017 on a high note by delivering on his “Christmas gift.” It came in the form of the enacting of the tax reform bill.

The Trump administration is currently focusing on the president’s list of priorities that he plans to achieve in 2018. On top of the list are two goals that were not attained in the first year, and two others that he promised during his campaign period.

Sarah Sanders, the White House Spokeswoman, explained that the top domestic priorities of the administration for 2018 involve reforms in four sectors — namely healthcare, immigration, infrastructure, and welfare.

Most critics think that the White House is down for another impossible mission given the slim majority of the Republicans in Congress. Most of them cite the previous opposition by the Democrats as a reason to prove the futility of these endeavors.

While Sanders does not refute the claims of minimal support, she points out the courage, ambition and the focus that the President has shown towards achieving these goals. She explains that it is the president’s ambitious agenda and desire to get things done that got him his election. The same focus will help him sail through the strong headwinds towards the four goals he has for the country.

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at the president’s agenda.

1. Healthcare Reform

Democrats and other myopic politicians had deemed President Trump’s bid to repeal the Affordable Care Act as an insurmountable mountain. Some had called it a vain effort, as futile as that of continuously hitting one’s head against the wall hoping that it will crumble.

In spite of the lack of support from critics, Trump recorded his first win towards this goal in the passing of the tax bill. By passing that legislation, Congress effectually repealed the individual mandate. This had been the foundation and the main supporting pillar of the infamous Obamacare.

Individuals without health insurance faced legal penalties, thanks to Individual Mandate. Repealing it, therefore, revokes penalties on those who choose not have health insurance. The new law will come into effect in 2019.

Even though the new tax bill does not repeal the ACA, it has dealt its foundation a severe blow. It is clear that just a little push and shove in the Congress this year can lead to an entire toppling of Obama care.

2. Immigration

Curbing illegal migrants and tightening border security is the signature issue of the Trump administration. It therefore automatically falls at the center of his priorities in 2018. While the Democrats are swearing on not supporting the building of a wall, Trump is working on his strategies for achieving this bold ambition.

President Trump has planned for a number of meetings with congressional leaders at the beginning of 2018 to discuss his immigration strategies. He believes that Hispanics and DACA activists will without a doubt be attracted to the deal, and shun the liberal Democrats and gainsayers.

3. Infrastructure

Improved infrastructure is one of the promises Trump promised his supporters during his campaigns. He has continuously promised to spend $1 trillion to deliver his promise. 2018 marks the beginning of bringing the plan to fruition.

Just like the other core goals of the administration, this too faces several hurdles, financing being the primary one. Even though the tax bill is bound to hasten the repealing of Obamacare, it creates a deficit on the budget that is about $1 trillion.

Naysayers have used the cap on taxes to malign the prospect of achieving this goal. However, President Trump has pointed out that the need for improved infrastructure is a bipartisan need. Democrats and those who choose not to take a standing desire it just as much as the Republicans do.

It is, therefore, possible that the administration will not have much opposition to this goal as with the previous two. All that is necessary is to have revived a sense of bipartisanism in Congress.

4. Welfare

Finally, the Trump administration hopes to tackle yet another essential part of the left-wing establishment: the welfare state. It aims at reviewing federal safety net programs, which may include food stamps, housing, and Medicaid.

Viewing these systems individually as proposed by the opposition will only provide a twisted and obviously misleading view of the welfare system. The discussion and plans on welfare reforms are expected to look at the system holistically.

Some of the issues that will feature on the new plan include the removal of marriage penalties from benefits and promoting paying programs for results instead of services and bringing the burden of the programs to a state level.

~ Liberty Planet