President Trump’s Approval Rating Sits at Nearly 50 Percent

According to Rasmussen Reports, President Donald Trump’s approval rating is at nearly 50 percent. The actual approval rating is at 48 percent, and disapproval rating is at 50 percent, suggesting Americans are beginning to see the benefits of the America First policy.

Those who strongly approve of President Trump’s performance were at 33 percent, while those who strongly disapprove of President Trump’s performance is at 40 percent. This poll gives the president his highest approval rating since June of last year.

It should come as no surprise that 43 percent of those polled felt that the country is heading in the right direction. When comparing that figure to former President Barack Obama’s polls during his last year in office, it appears that the likely voters surveyed are very positive, despite the negative publicity this administration has had. President Obama’s approval rating polls were in the mid to high 20s in his last year of office.

Even the government shutdown has not fazed those polled. Most of those surveyed about the government shutdown, a full 55 percent, would rather see a shutdown than have Congress spend more in their budget. Voters want Congress to cut spending or keep it the same, rather than see the budget go up and pay for programs that drain their wallets in new taxes. Only 31 percent of those surveyed were against a partial government shutdown.

This surge in comes on the heels of the State of the Union Address, where President Trump outlined his plan to tackle illegal immigration and various other issues. Not surprisingly, most voters (52 percent) agree with President Trump’s plan to provide a means to obtain citizenship “Dreamers.”

Of those surveyed, 32 percent disagreed with President Trump’s plan which include those three points. While President Trump certainly gets higher points because of the State of the Union Address, there may be something else at work.

Currently, the economy is doing well, or so says the Quinnipiac College poll. While this measure gives President Trump a measly 40 percent in popularity, 70 percent of those surveyed in the poll said that the economy is good or excellent, and they attribute its health to President Trump. CNBC laments President Trump’s popularity because his policies are popular, even if the voters don’t particularly like their president personally.

With all the negative publicity about President Trump and sexual harassment, one would think that the president’s polls would drop. However, it’s quickly becoming evident that sexual harassment isn’t something that only happens in politics. With the latest allegations in media and Hollywood, voters are convinced that sexual harassment is nothing new; it is being talked about more. So, many voters are weary of hearing about sexual harassment, and many think that the #MeToo movement is going too far despite its apparent popularity.

President Trump should be pleased with the current polls, because it proves that his policies are what most Americans want. It also proves that it doesn’t really matter if he is popular or not as long as he continues to push this country in the right direction.

Americans want to see the illegal immigrant problem handled rationally. They want those children whose families entered illegally to stay and gain citizenship, while at the same time, they want immigrants who want to contribute something to the United States, rather than those who are just coming into the country to look for hand outs. They want a wall on the southern border between the United States and Mexico. Voters are also not as concerned about sexual harassment allegations as they are about the economy.

President Trump has a chance in getting his policies enacted rather than getting mired in allegations, true or not.

~ Liberty Planet