$1.3 Trillion Spending Bill Winners And Losers

It seems unfathomable, but after Congress passed a $1.3 trillion budget, there are actually winners AND losers.

President Donald Trump favored much of the expenditures outlined in the 2,232-page deal that squeaked through the Senate by a vote of 65-32. Had the measure stalled, it would have meant the third shutdown of the Trump Administration.

Here’s what Americans can expect and not expect for their hard-earned tax dollars:

Border Security

WINNER: Pres. Trump got a first installment on his campaign promise to “build a wall.” The structure has been widely viewed by experts as part of a broader approach to secure the nation’s southern border that has allowed millions of illegal immigrants, criminals and violent street gangs into the country. The president got a win to the tune of nearly $1.6 billion of a long-term $25 billion effort.

LOSERS: Although the administration pried wall funding out of “resist” and “obstruct” Democrats, the left dug in like an Alabama tick over adding more Border Patrol Agents. The American public lost in terms of public safety and can expect MS-13 and drug traffickers to infect the country.

Election Meddling

WINNER: Based on recommendations by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the budget allots approximately $380 million for grants to be used to make elections more secure. The money will be disbursed to federal and state entities involved in protecting free, fair elections.

LOSER: Russian hackers will have a more difficult time trying to breach vote-counting technology.

Opioid Crisis

WINNER The spending bill dumps more than $4 billion into combating the opioid epidemic. The funds will be disbursed to state and local agencies.

LOSER: The American people are unlikely to see any real impact from throwing money at the problem. Much like the Obama-era stop-gap measures, agencies tend to improve things like facilities, health care benefits and salaries. The funding lacks direction.

DACA Recipients

WINNER: The Democratic Party gets another win on the so-called “Dreamers” because they maintain the uncertain status of these deserving young people. The 2018 election rallying cry may once again be that Democrats are fighting to make them permanent residents.

LOSER: The Dreamers have gotten a raw deal and neither party drew a “Red Line” in the sand on their behalf. A DACA fix was not in the cards after the Senate voted down measures earlier this year. However, a key lawsuit is making its way toward the U.S. Supreme Court that could fast-track the issue next year.

Gateway Rail Project

WINNER: New York and New Jersey politicians had been pressing for upwards of $900 million in funding for a new rail system that connects the two states. Although the proposed “earmark” didn’t make it through the process, the project is expected to garner more than $500 million. The project could top $11 billion with the two states wanting to only pay half.

LOSER: American conservatives are once again footing a massive bill for local and state projects that favor left-leaning states. Rural and heartland communities deserve equal billing, and this isn’t it.

Gun Violence

WINNER: Ending school shootings has topped agendas at the local, state and federal level. This spending bill channels upwards of $2.3 billion into making schools more secure. In what may be the first step to truly address the issue, Congress and the White House agree that the funds will be utilized locally to develop programs to identify and neutralize potential threats. The state-by-state approach may include deputizing and arming teachers as approximately one-third of states implement or favor. Some states may add school resource officers to patrol facilities. And, perhaps most importantly, funding to proactively deal with stress and mental health issues that could impact school safety can be funded. American children and family got a huge win.

LOSER: Despite bipartisan support to protect school-aged children, Democrats insisted on wasting money on gun control. More funds will be dumped into the already working background check system. Gun owners continue to be targeted by Democrats.

The U.S. Military

WINNER: The budget includes $650 billion to rebuild the military infrastructure that had dwindled in recent years. The new spending bill also provides soldiers with the biggest pay raise in approximately eight years. The budget reportedly includes:

  • Approximately $23.8 billion for 14 new ships
  • Approximately $10.2 billion for 90 Joint Strike Fighters
  • Approximately $1.8 billion for 24 F/A-18 Super Hornets.
  • Approximately $11.5 billion to the Missile Defense Agency
  • Approximately $1.6 billion for 30 Apache helicopters
  • Approximately $1.1 billion for 56 Black Hawk helicopters
  • Approximately $34.4 billion for health and military family programs.
  • LOSERS: America’s enemies.

    Other notable budget items include the following:

  • Child care block grants saw an increase.
  • National Parks received a financial boost.
  • Veteran’s Hospitals enjoyed increased funding.
  • The president was expected to sign the measure. However, the White House has expressed extreme displeasure over the absence of a DACA solution and lack of border security funding.

    ~ Liberty Planet