Despite Being in Power, Republicans Should Remain on Alert

As any seasoned political veteran will tell you, "liberals may win the culture wars, but conservatives win elections." All in all, it is a trade that we sho ...Continue reading


A Conservative Case for a U.S.-Russia Alliance

People who grew up old school understand that the two toughest kids on the block are going to get into a fight. On a global scale, the United States and Russia ...Continue reading


Is it Time to Take the Next Step with North Korea?

In the wake of North Korea’s latest weapons test, analysts say the communist regime is closer than ever to having intercontinental ballistic missile capabilit ...Continue reading


Will the White House Push Spicer Out Next?

Recent biased media reports perpetuated an image of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hiding behind bushes trying to avoid reporters as news about the fir ...Continue reading


New Orleans Removes Confederate Monuments

Over 100 years after it was constructed, the City of New Orleans removed a monument to the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. This move came alm ...Continue reading


Minnesota Measles Outbreak Linked to Leftist Movement

In 1978, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention set out to eliminate measles from the United States by the year 1982. This goal wasn’t met in its ...Continue reading


The Whole FBI Needs an Overhaul

The fate of former FBI Director James Comey was inevitable regardless of who won the presidential election — he was out. Both sides of the aisle had repeatedl ...Continue reading


What’s Really in Trump’s New FY18 Budget?

The Trump administration recently released a FY2018 budget proposal. The government’s fiscal year starts on October 1, 2017, so that gives Trump about six mon ...Continue reading


Is it Still Possible to Have a Balanced News Media?

If it seems as though the media is biased against everything conservative, you may be on to something. While President Trump is busy crying foul on media bias, ...Continue reading


The Truth About ‘Anti-Fascist’ Protests

All throughout the election, the left staged violent protests which the mainstream media covered in a way that was, simply put, dead wrong. They intentionally p ...Continue reading

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