Are Voters Ready to Sweep Out RINOs Next?

If the fallout from the Charlottesville violence tells conservatives anything, it’s that the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have got to go. Prominent Re ...Continue reading

The Unquestionable Correlation between Border Security and Higher Wages

Trump has faced a veritable blockade in Congress, with members of both parties seeming committed to prevent him from improving anything in this country. Whi ...Continue reading

Charlottesville Massacre Demands Crackdown on Radical Groups

Since liberals suffered sweeping losses in the November elections, left-wing fascists groups have gotten away with violence, destruction of property, assault on ...Continue reading

The FBI Raided the Home of Paul Manafort in July

On July 26, FBI agents staged a pre-dawn raid in the Alexandria Virginia home of Paul Manafort, former campaign manager for Donald Trump. What was the purpo ...Continue reading

Anti-Trump Republicans Consider Forming Their Own Party

A disillusioned group of former Republicans will be marching into Philadelphia this weekend for a small convention in an attempt to jump start what they believe ...Continue reading

Report: Obama AG Loretta Lynch used an Alias to Contact the DOJ  

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was caught using an alias to send an anonymous message to the Department of Justice late last month, according independent ...Continue reading

White House Cracking Down on Classified Leaks

Last week, the Washington Post got its hands on nearly complete transcripts of telephone conversations that President Trump had with several foreign leaders, in ...Continue reading

Liberals Resist Immigration Policy That Benefits African-Americans  

The Trump Administration has thrown its support behind a bill that would reform the Green Card system, help disadvantaged African-Americans and liberals are up ...Continue reading

Here’s Who’s Really Running Against Trump in 2020 (So Far)

We have barely gotten through the 2016 election, and people are already coming forward announcing that they plan on running in the 2020 presidential election ag ...Continue reading

Why Donald Trump Fired The Mooch So Quickly

President Trump is looking for loyalty among his staff, and hiring Anthony Scaramucci seemed like a great idea. Encouraged to hire Scaramucci by Ivanka Trump an ...Continue reading

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