Top Democrats Fear Conservatives Will Out-Vote ‘Blue Wave’

Top Democrats are scrolling back the braggadocios talk about a big “Blue Wave” that will sweep Republicans out of the majority in Congress as the mid-term e ...Continue reading

Kansas Welfare Reform Ends Hand Outs for Illegal Immigrants

Republican Kansas nominee for governor and Secretary of State Kris Kobach has plans to remake America through a number of initiatives including more restrictive ...Continue reading

The Media Tried to Blatantly Lie About Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test

Fake news headlines recently screamed, “Trump Loses His Bet About Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage.” Leftist CNN reported that Senator Eliza ...Continue reading

Voters Don’t Care About Mueller’s Russia Probe Ahead of Elections

Much to the chagrin of Washington elites, everyday Americans have lost interest in what Pres. Donald J. Trump calls the “phony” Russia “witch hunt.” ...Continue reading

GA Gubernatorial Candidate: Illegals will Be Part of the ‘Blue Wave’

You would think that candidates for prominent positions in our government should at least know the most basic facts about voting and voters, but that is not wha ...Continue reading

Facebook Purges Hundreds of Right-Wing Pages

In a move that conservative activists have been warning about for a long time, social media channels have engaged in a coordinated takedown of a number of conse ...Continue reading

Black Leaders Support Trump’s Prison Reform Push

Pundits are calling Pres. Donald J. Trump’s domestic policies the “Colorblind Economy” because it has improved employment opportunities for Americans of a ...Continue reading

Kanye West Enrages Liberals in White House Meeting

Not everyone in show business, Hollywood and the music industry is against President Trump. Just ask rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West. West met with Trump ...Continue reading

How Republican Women Will Shape Our Future in 2018

Loyal Republican female voters basically turned the tide in the 2016 presidential election. They have the ability to do the exact same thing in the upcoming mid ...Continue reading

Steve Bannon Explains the Populist Revolution

Populism is one of the most loosely defined terms in modern political vernacular. It has been used to describe the campaigns of both President Donald Trump and ...Continue reading

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