Special Election Results Are In: The Trump Train Still Looks Unstoppable

Since winning the November election, Democrats and Left-leaning media outlets have unleashed an unprecedented level of hostility toward the new administration, ...Continue reading

The U.K.’s Tory-DUP Alliance – What This Means for America

British politics are more important to the United States then they have ever been in this generation. The upcoming deal between the Conservative Party and the D ...Continue reading

Why Are Some House Republicans Fighting Their Own Health Care Bill?

Republicans are working overtime to offer an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, but some conservative lawmakers are taking exception to the work of the maj ...Continue reading

Trump’s Immigration Policies are More Compassionate Than You Think

When a Georgia woman recently beat deportation in federal court and gained an order that her Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals application be restored, it ...Continue reading

DOJ: Do Not Trust News Based on Anonymous Sources

Traditionally, or at least ideally, journalists have always understood that the option to use anonymous sources is a privilege that can be abused. There is an u ...Continue reading

Jeff Sessions Subpoenaed in Arpaio Case  

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is having a busy week. In addition to testifying before Congress over the insubstantial Russian hacking scandal, he is ...Continue reading

Understanding Trump’s Air Traffic Plan

Trump has been so hard at work keeping his campaign promises that many smaller but important proposals and changes are underreported. In May, for example, part ...Continue reading

Nigel Farage Usurping Power Over Theresa May in Brexit Talks

It seems that the left is not completely taken over politics in the United Kingdom just yet. With a new barrage of support, former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has ...Continue reading

NSA Leaks Contradict Obama’s Russian Hacking Narrative

After the NSA leaker curiously named Reality Winner was arrested for releasing top secret White House information to The Intercept, we were advised that Russian ...Continue reading

Why Coal Miners Matter To President Trump

Coal miners rank among the most iconic workers in the American landscape. The image of men coming into the light from deep beneath the Earth with pickaxes over ...Continue reading

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