Adam Schiff Leads Top 4 Worst People In Congress List

If there is anything Americans just cannot abide, it’s sniveling, lying, cowardly Washington politicians — and we’ve compiled the worst of the worst.

Despite the fact that voters somehow put these loathsome creatures in office, there’s just no getting around the fact they tarnish the very global reputation of the world’s most powerful nation. That being said, these may be the absolute worst of the worst in Congress today.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California)

The U.S. Rep from California was elected to Congress in 2001 representing the wealthy Burbank and Monterey areas. After some Cali gerrymandering in 2010, Schiff now represents Hollywood as well. His shifty eyes and iconic name make him seem like a Sherlock Holmes novel villain. And, Rep. Schiff has no problem being a front-and-center mouthpiece for the liberal elite “resistance.”

The career politician has become so well recognized for misleading the American public that headlines single him out. One such example is a recent “Trust No One, Especially Adam Schiff” about the events surrounding the ill-gotten FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign. Another piece was titled, “The Darker Side of Rep. Adam Schiff.”

So, just how shifty is Schiff? Consider his Congressional track record.

  • Voted to invade Iraq
  • Introduced legislation to circumvent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance reform
  • Criticized NSA surveillance but fought transparency in FISA spying on Trump Campaign
  • Fought to support Hillary Clinton on Benghazi Attacks from post on House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
  • Today, Schiff remains a “never-Trumper” who voted against funding the military, against funding the government, against ending late-term abortions, against the World Bank Accountability Act, against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and against tougher Iran oversight. The only significant legislation Adam Schiff voted “Yay” for during January of 2018 was to keep the secret FISA warrants in place.

    Rep. Al Green (D-Texas)

    The lessor known U.S. Rep from Texas is so upset with the economic successes of Pres. Donald J. Trump that he introduced Articles of Impeachment in late 2017. Why? Well, just because.

    So ridiculous was the move that it never got to the serious debate phase. Even radical liberal leader Nancy Pelosi brushed it aside. But what may surprise Americans is that Rep. Green’s motion garnered 58 Yays. Yikes.

    Few are able to talk from both sides of their mouth like Rep. Green. During the 2014 lame duck session of Congress, Green spoke about reaching across party lines to make an accord on issues such as infrastructure. Like Schiff, Green voted against tax reform, a tougher stance on Iran, against ending DOJ slush fund settlements, and against deporting illegal immigrant criminal gang members. Yes, he basically voted to support MS-13. However, during the tremendous mobilization by the Trump Administration to respond to the Hurricane Harvey disaster in the Houston area, Green remained quiet.

    Rep. David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island)

    The U.S. Rep from Rhode Island has a pretty low congressional profile, and for good reason. During his tenure as the Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, it was discovered that Cicilline supporters were taking out federal loans via the Providence Economic Development Partnership (PEDP). The taxpayer-backed loans were rarely, if ever, getting paid back and the money found its way into already wealthy Rhode Island business owners. Many of the recipients were ardent supporters of the former mayor and his bid for Congress. Although the PEDP had a high success rate before Cicilline took office, it suffered a staggering 60-percent default rate afterwards. Hmmm.

    The openly gay Congressman from the smallest state in the union voted against every piece of legislation since Pres. Trump took office. With Rhode Island ranking among the highest tax states, he certainly did his constituency a disservice fighting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

    Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California)

    Perhaps no one personifies hypocrisy like the Congresswoman from California. Although she represents an extremely low-income district, she doesn’t even live in the squalor of those she is supposedly representing. In fact, Rep. Waters live in a posh, low-crime neighborhood. California voters have been so angry about her lifestyle that posters have gone up calling her a “Poverty Pimp.” Another, more humorous, personal attack likened her wig to James Brown’s hair.

    The popular political personalities Diamond and Silk have been quoted saying that Waters works to ‘Keep Black People Segregated’ to ‘Control Them.’ During a TV interview, Diamond went on the record against Waters, saying “[Waters] is the one who lives in a $4.6 million mansion on a $174,000 salary. She hasn’t done anything for her district. She has those people riding dirty, while she’s living high off the hog.”

    Despite the economically challenged situation of her district, she reportedly raised a whopping $1.1 million for re-election and has overwhelmed grass-roots efforts to oust her from the congressional seat. Doubling down on perhaps the most overt hypocrisy in American government, Waters has voted against every piece of legislation since Pres. Trump took office, including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Under the Trump Administration, African-American unemployment is at the lowest in recorded history. Ironically, the “poverty pimp” repeatedly calls the president a racist.

    ~ Liberty Planet

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