America Headed Toward Renewed Peace, Prosperity in 2018

The vast majority of Millennials have no first-hand experience with the level of peace and prosperity that can be fully enjoyed in America. In no way is that the fault of the generation. It’s just a fact that most Millennials grew up in a post-911 America suffering war, debt and the ramifications of poorly conceived foreign policy and trade deals.

Coming into adulthood with high unemployment, depressed wages and war may seem normal, maybe the new normal, but many of the economic and peace time indicators are coming into view. Of course, recognizing these measures may be more apparent to those who rolled through previous lows and into mini golden ages before.

The post-World War II generation, for instance, were in a similar position to the financial uptick and military de-escalation we’re witnessing right now. Although the facts have been grossly under-reported, the caliphate established by ISIS has been utterly smashed under the Trump Administration. The Muslim extremists have been annihilated by the U.S.-led coalition forces, and routed from land holdings in Iraq. Some estimate less than 1,000 ISIS fighters are alive and are in hiding. Although the U.S. military will need to maintain a stabilizing presence, major offensives are coming to a close and the country can start unburdening itself from the horrors of war.

Of course, the post-WWII generation that enjoyed peace and prosperity saw its next generation thrust back into uncertainty and conflict through the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy into the Vietnam War and Pres. Richard Nixon’s Watergate. In many ways, the political upheaval during Vietnam and Watergate mirror the scandals that have plagued Washington, DC, in recent years.

From the Obama Administration’s IRS subverting political freedom of right-wing PACs to Benghazi to the Russian meddling claims and sexual misconduct crisis across the country, America has suffered in its heart.

But like Pres. Trump, an unlikely leader from the entertainment industry wasn’t afraid to lead from the front and address the tough social and economic issues that had yoked the American mindset then. Pres. Ronald Reagan emerged as an inspiration and pragmatic leader that took on the Soviet Union as an “evil empire” and renewed American economic prosperity. Pres. Reagan operated under a similar theory to the current administration, “peace and prosperity through strength” and he ushered in a 20-year win.

But an unfortunate cycle in American, and perhaps politics in general, is that prosperity breeds elitism and Bill Clinton was able to persuade voters that a new world order was at hand. His socially and global agendas sounded like America was reaching for a brass ring. But instead, he discarded the American worker for foreign donations. Millennials that weren’t politically acute yet, may have seen only the surface prosperity that were the fruits of Pres. Reagan’s labor. But beneath that were trade deals once opposed by conservatives because they would gut the country’s manufacturing base. As Clinton exited the Oval Office, so did American jobs.

Doubling down on the injury he dealt Americans everywhere was the defunding of the CIA that opened the door to the 9-11 attacks.

Although war and deals like NAFTA caused out of control national debt, no one could have anticipated the hard-left policies and lawlessness of Barack Obama. His willingness to circumvent Congress and over-regulate fragile industries is unparalleled. His war on coal miners, the fishing industry, payouts to America’s enemies and failed foreign policy that created ISIS have torn the country apart. The Democrats identity politics divided rich and poor, black and white, gay and straight, and people of faith from their secular neighbors. America entered 2017 more divided than during the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movement combined.

Despite attempts by the Fake News media to distort and subvert the truth, the journey back seems inevitable. Economic indicators such as the national GDP have shown immediate and unexpected progress due to the Trump Administration’s policies. Unemployment has dipped to more than a 17-year low, the stock market indicators are setting dizzying records and peace is at hand.

A public policy of pragmatism has been restored that rivals, and perhaps exceeds, Pres. Reagan in terms of measurable success. Not since Pres. Reagan has the country enjoyed a leader unwilling to bend to political rhetoric or cow to popularity polls. After the Republicans pushed through 30-year-overdue tax reform legislation, it’s as if they finally hear Pres. Reagan who famously said the “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” Today, we have MAGA and the foundation has been laid for the next great age of peace and prosperity through American strength and determination.

~ Liberty Planet