Democratic Sen. Carper: Discard Millions of Americans so Illegals Can Get Jobs

Senator Tom Carper (D – Delaware) wants millions of Americans replaced by illegal immigrants in our workforce.

Which Americans should be replaced by illegals? Those who “Don’t have the education, the work skills, the work ethic, they can’t pass a drug test… Are we going to send 700-800,000 people [illegal immigrants] back home to the country where they were born? They are perfectly capable of doing these jobs, they can pass a drug test, why would we do that?”

Aside from the senator’s preoccupation with passing a drug test, and his utter contempt for his fellow citizens, what possible benefit can he see in handing off the 2 to 3 million (by his estimation) unfilled American jobs to people who are in this country illegally?

“Today, when folks want to work in this country there are still jobs unfilled. Unfilled!” Carper said in a February 5 interview.

“We have a moral responsibility to them.” He said of the ‘dreamers’- not the American citizens. “Doing a deal with the dreamers is as much about…making sure we have the folks who can go to work tomorrow.”

“I think the business community is saying this to the administration and Congress, and we should focus on that — on that economic side as well,” he told MSNBC.

Just who are the disadvantaged Americans Carper dismisses in favor of illegal immigrants? Millions of sidelined Americans have not worked in years, largely because mass immigration has lowered wages.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 74 percent of college-trained Americans have jobs — but only 57.5 percent of high school graduates and approximately 45 percent of high school dropouts are working. Employers do not want to employ these Americans. Some do lack work skills or training, some live in rural areas far from immigrant hotspots and some suffer in the national opioid epidemic gripping the country. Do they deserve to be dismissed by their elected representatives?

The simple fact is cheap-labor immigration inflates the economy with consumers and workers. This leads to cuts in Americans’ wages and transfers funds to investors and company owners. This push for amnesty for DACA illegals is largely powered by an alliance of business interests and Democrats who want more imported workers to help keep Americans’ wages from rising- and ultimately the creation of more Democratic voters and candidates. Companies want more imported workers because the national unemployment rate is low. Without a good reserve of unemployed people, companies are forced to compete for new workers by offering training opportunities, bonuses, and, of course, better wages.

Senator Carper is by no means the only politician interested in kicking Americans to the curb. Nearly all Democratic Senators, and several Republicans as well as many establishment ‘journalists’ and columnists are anxious to see American citizens and legal immigrants shoved aside.

In September, Senator James Lankford (R/ Oklahoma) said illegal immigrants are ‘good for the U.S. economy’ as he introduced a ‘multi-stage amnesty’ for DACA illegals. Lankford and Senator Thom Tillis (R – North Carolina) were asked on September 25 if their amnesty legislation would allow illegal immigrants to compete against Americans for jobs. Lankford answered, “The job issue is an interesting issue, because those individuals are already in the job market. Many of these DACA students are actually DACA young adults, they already have access to the job market right now because they were given deferred action.” Both Senators rejected the term ‘amnesty’.

“Let’s put them in line here,” Lankford said. “It would take them 15 to 18 years if they started in Mexico or Guatemala. We’re just going to allow them to start the line here.”

Yet these illegals benefit by ‘starting the line’ while enjoying living in (and off) the U.S., whereas millions of law-abiding ‘legal immigrants’ remain stuck in their home countries as they follow immigration rules. Some proposed amnesty bills also provide for the naturalized DACA illegals to ‘sponsor’ their parents for green cards and citizenship. Politicians like Carper, Lankford, and Tillis cater to law-breakers with special circumstances guaranteed to bring still more illegal immigration flooding across our borders.

There can be no reward or fast track for sneaking into the U.S. We all owe our legal immigrant ancestors better.

~ Liberty Planet

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