Disgraceful: Deserter Bowe Bergdahl Will Get No Prison Time

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army deserter who conveniently spent five years living with the Taliban, will reportedly get off nearly scot-free for his offense.

According to Fox News, Bergdahl walked out of a North Carolina courtroom with a demotion, a fine, and a dishonorable discharge. This is far short of the punishment many Americans expected the deserter to receive. Prosecutors sought a 14-year prison sentence.

Bergdahl’s defenders are citing a myriad of mental disorders to excuse his behavior, including post-traumatic stress disorder — or PTSD. The disorder is characterized by rapid mood swings and flashbacks, and is typically associated with combat veterans.

The surprising verdict garnered almost universal scorn, with President Donald Trump sounding off on Twitter as he characteristically does.

“The decision on Sergeant Bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our Country and to our Military,” the president said.

Bergdahl reportedly abandoned his post during a deployment in Afghanistan when he walked off base in 2009. He was then captured by the Taliban and held hostage until the Obama Administration negotiated his release.

Learn more about this surprising turn of events by watching the video below.

~ Liberty Planet