Even High Schools are Cancelling Conservative Speakers Now

It is one thing when private institutions of higher learning take it upon themselves to discriminate against conservatism. These are people with agendas, paychecks coming from underhanded sources and liberal legacies to attend to. You might also get away with saying that the students there are adults, fully capable of making their own decisions. This is not true in high school.

When conservative speakers are stopped from presenting a valid political viewpoint to a high school audience, students are robbed of a very important perspective in their education.

You do not even have to believe in conservatism to see how wrong this is. The point of a general high school education is to introduce topics to students. From there, students make their own decisions about what to believe. However, if the perspective is never allowed its presentation, students have absolutely no idea that it exists. They can be made to think of an idea as inherently wrong or evil before they ever get a chance to fully understand what it is.

Blocking conservative speakers from high schools is the same kind of racism that tried to block Black Americans from lunch counters in the 1950s. Unfortunately, it is the liberal contingent of society that is responsible for both of these ills. Perhaps they are simply behaving as they were taught. However, we must be sure that our children learn better. We cannot allow high schools to pull the plug on conservative speakers.

Watch the video below to learn how more generations are being prevented from exploring new ideas.

~ Liberty Planet