Fusion GPS Bank Statement Shows $523k Deposit from DNC

Recently unsealed federal court documents have shown that Fusion GPS, the organization responsible for creating the false and gratuitous Trump/Russia Dossier, received $523,000 from a Russian businessman who has a history of money laundering and tax fraud.

The lawyer representing the Russian businessman, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was also involved in the now-famous meeting in June of 2016 which was arranged by the Fusion GPS representative, Rob Goldstone.

This is the second confirmed link between Fusion GPS and an ongoing criminal campaign aimed at smearing Donald Trump.

The company was founded by Glenn Simpson, a one-time Wall Street Journal writer along with two other current WSJ journalists. Fusion GPS was not only the source of the Dossier — the creation of which was funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC — but was also a major player in the Trump Tower meeting.

During that meeting, Fusion GPS illegally obtained information which was used as evidence by the NSA to make the case to a FISA court that they should be granted a warrant to do more wiretapping. That story made headlines around the beginning of 2017 when the wiretapping scandal and Trump’s famous tweet accusing Obama of illegally spying on him was made public. It was a perfect example of the kind of mendacity the Democratic Party, the press, and the federal government are capable of.

The information used to obtain the FISA warrant was, as stated, illegal — and should have been thrown out. Nevertheless, the FISA court allowed it and authorized more wiretapping. The story was published on the front page of the New York Times months before the entire liberal media started denying it even happened.

The original spate of wiretapping obtained information from a single computer operating in Trump Tower. It was a record of a transaction between Donald Trump and a Russian firm. Donald Trump is, after all, a world-class real estate tycoon.

To sum it all up, journalists from the Wall Street Journal created Fusion GPS. Then, Fusion GPS illegally spied on Donald Trump and used a receipt from a Russian business as an excuse to conduct further spying. Then they manufactured some documents that claim Trump was urinated on by a Russian prostitute. And Hillary and the DNC paid for it all.

That’s your Russian collusion story in a nutshell. It was nothing more than a supremely seedy smear campaign, and we have the receipts to prove it.

The Daily Caller reports the journalist in question worked closely with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was also present during the meeting at Trump Tower in June 2016. Simpson’s research was presented in the form of a four-page memo which was also shared with Yuri Chaika, Russia’s prosecutor general.

This alone should be enough to thoroughly humiliate and destroy the Democratic Party, Fusion GPS, and Hillary Clinton. But, the implications go even further.

The “Peepee-gate Dossier” created by Fusion GPS was the same document used to appeal to the FISA court to obtain clearance to conduct more spying. That document was a clear piece of fake news from the moment it hit the airwaves. The fact that the clickbait site Buzzfeed was the only news organization willing to publish it was just the beginning of its problems. The document riddled with internal contradictions making it a clear fabrication on top of having been obtained illegally. But, the FISA court allowed it to be used as evidence to conduct more illegal spying.

The FISA court should never have allowed it to be used as evidence. But of course, the FISA court was set up under the provisions of The Patriot Act, and is able to conduct all of its proceedings in complete secrecy. They are totally unaccountable and have nearly unlimited judicial powers.

That is the part of this story that no one is talking about. We think it would be supremely interesting to find out who is on that FISA court, who appointed them, how closely they work with the intelligence services, and whether or not is this the first time they have used their powers to support a partisan political entity.

~ Liberty Planet