It’s More Than a Game: Leftists are Attacking Cultural Unity Itself

By far the ugliest part of the NFL debacle is the persistent dirge of pundits and commentators telling their audiences that whatever President Trump and his supporters say — it is code for racial prejudice.

Ever since Colin Kaepernick first started with his cringe-worthy virtue signaling, liberals have started taking an interest in the National Football League. But it wasn’t for fun, an admiration of true athleticism, or a love of the game that made their ears prick up — it was sensing an opportunity to take a chunk of joy out of the lives of the sort of people they have been taught to hate. Kaepernick’s antics only highlighted a divide that already existed: the line between people who hate football and people who love football. 

But somehow, and we can only speculate how, the virus has spread and now whole teams of football players have begun kneeling during the National Anthem.

To be clear, all of this started over a nationwide campaign by leftist news propaganda to convince Americans that black people were being shot by police at disproportionate rates than white people. It’s a lie that has been perpetuated by selective coverage of crime stories and by manipulating statistics to suit their agenda. The truth is, that more white people are shot by police in America than black people. We know there are bad cops. There are also good cops, and the story is being twisted. And if you think those statements make this an anti-black message, then we encourage you to think more deeply and see that it is an anti-deception message.
Before we go forward, let’s clear one thing up: we despise being made to focus on race-related topics. We couldn’t be less interested in what color a person’s skin is. What conservatives care about is results, what you can do, what you have done, and what’s in your heart and mind.

Liberals force us to focus on issues of race and exacerbate the divide through name calling, blame placement, and lies. After 8 years of Barack Obama, the racial divide in this country is deeper than it has been in over 50 years. It’s sickening, and frankly, we’re finding it very difficult to hate the sin and love the sinner in this instance. 

But this is what all the kneeling is about: protesting an America that supposedly is okay with the disproportionate shooting of black people by police. One wonders how many living rooms where people of different races have gathered to watch a game on a large screen have been made uneasy by this phony controversy.

Some NFL fans know the truth about the twisted stats and the false reporting. Others may not. But what they all know is that all they want to do is watch a game, root for their favorite teams, and have a good time on their days off. They know they don’t hate a whole class of people for stupid reasons and are only hoping that the corporation that has a monopoly on their favorite pastime will get its head on straight.
The NFL’s job is to provide a specific type of entertainment to a specific demographic. For years, the appearance of patriotism has been a contractual part of that niche form of entertainment. That is to say that players are contractually obligated to promote the pro-America feeling that is part of the NFL brand.
But now, the league has even bigger virtue signaling problems. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Mr. Jerry Jones, has joined his entire team in taking a knee during the National Anthem promoting a lie based on racial hatred and breaking their contract with the National Football League.
Finally, they have gone too far. Fans are losing interest in being lectured by people who are supposed to be entertaining them. Worse, sponsors are pulling out.
Advertisers are listening to the fans, and the fans are saying enough is enough. And in the wake of the deeply disappointing apologia of Alejandro Villanueva who stood up for the Anthem, literally, fans may have had enough.
If one good thing may come of this, it may be a healthy reduction in screen-time for a large cross-section of the American public, as jilted football fans turn off their TVs, pick up their pig skins, and head outside to pick up where the disgraced NFL has left off.

~ Liberty Planet