How Americans are Crushing Left By Cutting Off Cash

The left hasn’t gotten the memo that America’s silent majority holds sway by voting against and cutting off revenue streams to violent and disrespectful radicals. The current climate of hate-speech celebrities, Antifa criminals and NFL anthem kneelers has drawn the ire of conservatives that are now crushing them by cutting off the cash and support that keep their industries and jobs afloat.

Before rolling out a parade of facts that demonstrate how profound the drubbing Left-leaning dissidents are taking, take a good look at the prosperity enjoyed by those who stand up for American values.

Case in point, Ivanka Trump. When retail outlets attempted to punish the Trump family for the historic presidential win by removing the First Daughter’s lines, America opened their collective wallets and fought back. The Ivanka clothing line surged by 332 percent in online sales and posted record sales. Many Americans weren’t even aware of her clothing business until retailers bent the knee to liberal dissidents. Americans won that little skirmish going away.

Similarly, NFL offensive lineman and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva became the sole member of the Pittsburgh Steeler to stand for the National Anthem during the height of the players’ anti-American protests. Within 24 hours, the once-anonymous role player’s jersey shot to No. 1 in sales. Yes, he even topped Tom Brady as fans literally burned protestor sportswear. Still, the hate-mongering left did not get the message, and their tirades have been outmatched by conservative Americans withdrawing even more support. The industries that liberals enjoyed riches from are now floundering and could soon be on life support.

CNN Just Doesn’t Get It

The for-profit “Fake News” network, as Pres. Trump enjoys calling them, has been in a death spiral since the final ballot was cast last November. The network that was once a news leader has become the embodiment of the “resist and obstruct” movement touted by progressive elites and brick-throwing radicals alike. How’s that working out?

At one point in 2017, CNN’s top-rated show, Anderson Cooper 360, fell below the re-run of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, and a regularly aired cartoon series. Yikes. But that obvious fall from American grace did not deter the network from a continued verbal assault on Pres. Trump, the GOP, people of Christian faith and anyone who did not goose-step to their ideology.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity topped all comers in the October ratings after being put back into the 9pm slot. Carlson ranked No. 2, and CNN took a massive hit, dropping by an astonishing 52-percent total viewer.

However, it’s not just the news media that’s feeling the financial blowback.

ESPN’s Big League Tanking

The higher ups at the nation’s most popular sports network apparently decided to turn their attention to politics as part of some conflated effort to reach more demographics — the results were exactly what anyone could’ve expected.

By opening the floodgates to anti-conservative sentiment, the once-revered resource has seen marked decline. Commentator Jemele Hill is perhaps the most obvious example.

Despite a left-leaning bias, Hill was hit with a brief suspension after derogatory remarks about President Trump and later Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. She advocated for NFL fans to boycott the league’s advertisers over Jones insistence that players stand for the National Anthem.

But ESPN took its hostility much further ,and even invited Rev. Jesse Jackson on ESPN’s “Undisputed” segment. He went on to bash the president and conservatives in general, leaving many to question why he was a guest on a sports network to begin with.

Breibart’s Dylann Gwinn had a humorous spin on ESPN’s death spiral.

“No doubt, there are many frowns being worn on the faces of ESPN executives after reviewing the October Cable Coverage Estimates,” he wrote. “ESPN lost over 15,000 subscribers for every day ending in ‘y’ during the month of October.”

The network that once called itself the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” may lose Monday Night Football next year because Americans are tuning out.

Hollywood Takes a Box Office Hit

From not-so-funny Kathy Griffin’s severed head to HarveyGate, Hollywood elites who typically fancy themselves as the curators of American culture may soon find themselves on the unemployment line.

One of Hollywood’s biggest critics of the president is George Clooney. He has been vocal and nasty during the campaign and into the new presidency. The guy just never seems to miss an opportunity to say something negative about the president and conservatives. You can probably guess what happened next at this point.

Clooney’s flicks have been in the toilet in terms of ticket sales. His recent outing in “Suburbicon” is being panned as one of Paramount’s worst flops of all time. It has underperformed to such a degree, that it’s being called the worst major motion picture for ticket sales ever.

Similarly, Hollywood’s epic “Geostorm” that attempts to further the left’s climate change alarmism did better than Al Gore’s latest “Inconvenient Truth” foray. Unfortunately, both are hemorrhaging money.

The left may shout, scream and insult conservative values, but Americans are proving once again that they have their own distinct way of fighting back. When it’s not sending Democrats in Washington DC packing, it’s leaving progressive elites nervously scavenging for cash.

~ Liberty Planet