Is ‘Roseanne’ Doing Conservative Women a Favor?

Roseanne is back, and for good reason: Hollywood is fresh out of ideas.

That’s not a new thing, though. Hollywood has been out of ideas ever since it started. Look into the history. Everything that comes out of Los Angeles is derivative of some regional uprising or some special talent. Those studio rats can’t come up with anything on their own, hence the resurgence of old 90s shows.

At the same time that Roseanne is coming back, contentiously for conservatives. If the ratings for the debut episode are any indication, it’s a welcome change of pace to the hivemind displayed on nearly ever other program. Here’s the question — are we going to get fooled again?

This is not to say that the resurgence of the Roseanne television series is some underhanded plot to draw our attention away from the important political issues of the day. If you had full knowledge of the date and time of some esoteric vote, what are you going to do – storm the halls of Congress to filibuster the opposition into submission minutes before the vote count? Get over the dumb conspiracy theory nonsense.

When we say “get fooled” by Roseanne, we mean allow the show in any way to influence our thinking. You can absolutely watch the show if you like. Roseanne Barr is an incredibly funny woman, regardless of your political leanings. She has great timing, a potty mouth and a willingness to say anything that brings a paycheck. After a hard day at work, professional comics don’t need much else to sell us some entertainment, now do they?

The challenge here is not to take this show seriously like we all did the first time around. Our intensity around Roseanne Barr’s humor is what made her a millionaire. We all thought that the original Roseanne was “our show.” This was the one shining light in the midst of liberal media that showcased our issues, our family, our lifestyle.

Do you want to know the truth? Hollywood is full of actors. John Goodman, Roseanne Barr and the lot of those guys and gals were chosen because they looked like us and could imitate our lifestyle. Do you really think they go fly fishing on the weekends, though? Not likely. You see, the original Roseanne was the first time that anyone from our generation had seen anything like that on TV. The truth is, however, that everyone on that show was and is an actor who does a really good job.

Barr is doing herself a favor by returning to TV. She already has a brand built up. She can come to the set, phone it in for a couple of seasons and score a few more million dollars for the bank account. Whether we catch the wave of this new show or not is irrelevant. All of these guys and gals are collecting checks up front because of the popularity of the previous iteration of the show.

They do not know you. They do not care about you or your politics. This is something that may be hard to take because everyone on that show is such a good actor.

It is true, though. And there is nothing that you can do about it.

In a sense, Roseanne is doing conservative women a favor by trying to imitate some weak version of liberal feminism for us. It is so bad that we should be able to see right through it. As we see through it, we should be able to see the act for what it is – a television contract to perform for a certain number of shows.

Look to your heart for your favors, not a television actress.

~ Liberty Planet

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