Michael Wolff’s Fictitious Attacks On Trump May Be Criminal

The so-called “tell-all” anti-Trump book has resulted in yet another liberal feeding frenzy aimed at tearing down the office of the President of the United States of America and this self-proclaimed fiction may have crossed the criminal line.

Michael Wolff has a long and checkered history of playing fast and loose with the truth. His recent release of “Fire and Fury” appears to be an attempt to elevate himself as another radical left-winger by leveling outlandish claims at Pres. Donald J. Trump. Given the string of anonymous “sources” that have turned out to be false (including a salacious “dossier” funded by the DNC and Hillary campaign) and Wolff’s wanton disregard for the truth or human decency, the Fake News journalist appears to have crossed the line into criminal sedition.

Fellow “Journalists” Attack Credibility

It’s rare to see the liberal media go after one of their own, but Politico has reported on the wide string of reporters that are taking exception with Wolff’s tactics and credibility.

Bloomberg View columnist Joe Nocer tweeted out that “(Wolff) never much cared about burning sources. Can’t imagine that many of those quotes were meant for publication.”

The point made here is that people make lots of colorful and opinionated remarks off-the-record that are extrapolations of the truth. Wolff may be again ignoring the line between fact and fiction.

And if the anti-Trump Bloomberg source doesn’t raise an eyebrow, consider that a former Obama Administration official went after Wolff’s assertions as well.

“Bannon may well have said all that stuff but let’s remember that Wolff is an unprincipled writer of fiction,” former journalist and Obama staffer Steven Rattner said.

Rattner is on the record claiming that Wollf once attempted to get information out of his 7-year-old son during a children’s play date. Rattner called Wollf a “total sleazebag.”

A piece published by the more fact-based Business Insider touts a headline that reads, “The author of explosive new Trump book says he can’t be sure if parts of it are true.” And, even the New Republic has concluded that Wollf’s accounts of events “aren’t recreated so much as created.” The credibility issues are absolutely mind numbing, yet ultra Fake News outlets such as CNN have dedicated hours of prime television time to touting Wollf’s claims that tear at the Trump Administration’s inner workings and the president’s mental fitness.

The question that needs to be answered isn’t President Trump’s credibility, but how does this looseness with the truth so prevalent in today’s Fake News culture step into the criminal realm?

Acts Of Sedition?

Fake News reporters began the assault on the Trump presidency even before he took the oath of office. Photos were circulated that the swearing in ceremony suffered extraordinarily low attendance. In the aftermath, many discovered that the photos of the grounds were taken before the full crowd arrived. Heightened security measure slowed entrance.

Recently, Washington Post “journalist” Dave Weigel pulled the same stunt before the crowd arrived at a Trump rally. While these things are indicative of the willful attacks to on the president, they serve as only as motive to a more profound criminal conspiracy.

Under 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy, “If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow” the government they may be found guilty and imprisoned up to 20 years. Obviously, so-called journalists such as Wolff, CNN stars and New York Times staffers are not taking up arms against the United States. However, they have undertaken a concerted effort to incite mass groups of people to bring down the office of president.

Now, a Constitutional scholar may say the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that sedition only applies if the threat is “imminent.” To that, one might respond what could be more imminent than radical Democrats working in cahoots with Fake News writers to bring baseless impeachment claims against Pres. Trump.

Six Democrats, including controversial U.S. Rep Al Green from Texas, have already tried to impeach the president. A bloodless coup is still a coup, and their claims are based on Fake News reporting from people they have close ties with. Yes, that amounts to conspiracy.

~ Liberty Planet