More Dirt on Obama’s Iran Deal Comes to Light

You already know the Iran deal was terrible. You heard about the myriad problems it invoked, and the myriad more it ignored, but the bad news just keeps coming.

We now have additional information that shows the deal was maliciously pursued to develop political capital, and the Obama Administration knew just what they were doing the whole time. The Iran deal didn’t happen to be bad — it was catered that way — and this latest piece of the puzzle will have you fuming.

The New Story

Only recently, a new cache of information has become public regarding the Obama Administration and their actions leading up to signing the Iran nuclear deal. In 2008, a task force was created to investigate Hezbollah’s growing drug and gun trade. It was already large enough to be pulling billions of dollars, and a joint force of U.S. investigators started compiling evidence and working on ways to take out leaders within the organization. The project was named Operation Cassandra, and after several years of investigating, they were ready to take action and find ways to arrest Hezbollah leaders. That’s where they hit the snag.
The operation was coming to a head in tandem with Obama’s nuclear deal. Worried that an attack on Hezbollah could prevent Iran from signing, the administration and State Department began obstructing Operation Cassandra. The investigators were undeterred and continued mounting evidence and constructing plans to get Hezbollah agents into regions where they could make arrests. Eventually, all funding was pulled from the operation, legal restrictions were put in place to prevent any further action, and the project died. By the time the Iranian deal was signed, Hezbollah was a fully operational, multi-billion black market organization, and it was fully sanctioned by Iran.
What’s worse are the released documents that show that John Brennan (director of the CIA at the time) and Obama exchanged correspondence recommending that the U.S. encourage Iran to push the assimilation of Hezbollah into the Lebanese government. We now know that this is exactly what happened.

The U.S. government, under Obama, worked to established a known terrorist organization as the leading political party in Lebanon. It’s as if James Bond was about to bring down Spectre, and instead Obama gave them a country to run.

The Whole Package

If this upsets you, then that’s a good sign. Unfortunately, it’s only a small part of the overall disaster that is the Iranian nuclear deal. Here’s a quick reminder of some of the other heinous components.

In the deal, Iran was given freedom to develop Uranium enrichment. They’re allowed to push plutonium research, and they were relieved of any restrictions on developing ballistic missiles. How anyone can justify ballistic missile research as an important part of a nuclear energy program is beyond all logic and understanding. The deal also abandoned American prisoners and the majority of international pretense that foreign powers could use to justify interfering with Iran’s nuclear programs.
Worst of all, it lifted international sanctions. The justification was that an economically uncrippled Iran wouldn’t need to pursue nuclear power and violence. The reality is that they have used that money to fund three new war fronts since 2015. They have directly meddled in three new Middle Eastern countries and contributed to tens of thousands of deaths. The deal has proven so bad that even the Huffington Post called it “unsettling.”

When the progressives are disconcerted, you know things have gone too far.

Obama’s Legacy

The deal is fittingly considered by Obama to be one of his greatest achievements. It is certainly in line with the rest of his foreign policy. The Nobel Peace Prize winner can add it to his collection of terrorist regimes that were fostered under his watch, the three new war fronts he engaged illegally, the billions of dollars in drug and weapons trade that he promoted, the weapons he supplied to drug cartels that killed Americans, and the multiple genocides that he sanctioned.

What a legacy.
Recovering from the Obama presidency is more than challenging. We’ve had some victories this year, but the road ahead is long and uncertain. What we do know is that these obstacles were created deliberately and maliciously.

We have to hope that Trump’s unwavering successes in both economics and foreign policy can sway at least some of the fringe liberals back to common sense. It will take more than the efforts of a single competent president to completely undo Obama’s legacy.

~ Liberty Planet