Muslim Refugees Have Completely Transformed Europe

The French government has finally come clean about the ongoing violence perpetuated by illegal immigrants from largely Muslim countries that unsettled on European soil.

The pro-Muslim refugee administration under French Pres. Emmanuel Macron failed to protect its citizenry from the establishment of what many called a migrant “Jungle” of more than 10,000 Middle Easterners in Calais. It was dismantled after numerous heinous crimes such as rape had been committed by the migrants.

Only after the fact are numbers now coming to light that more than 115,000 attempts have been made to breach Britain’s border just 20 miles across the English Channel from the former encampment last year. In 2016, upwards of 167,000 reported attempts of these largely Muslim illegal gangs tried to board ships. French officials are admitting that clearing the “Jungle” has not stemmed the tide of criminal Muslims who have returned to the site. As many as 7,000 have regrouped and many are suspected gang members.

One of a group of police officers attempting to maintain order was recently run down by a car, and illegals from Afghanistan and the Horn of African commonly brandish iron clubs and blades. Attacks on trucks and riots have broken out as the Jungle has started to reform and British Prime Minister Theresa May has engaged in talks with her French counterpart to protect the citizenry from the folly caused by France’s national security failures.

The Treacherous U.K. Caliphate

Hindsight may be 20-20, but British policymakers have learned that the mass influx of Muslim refugees has allowed extremists to establish a quasi-European caliphate.

Police have been displaced from Muslim-dominated neighborhoods where Sharia Law and not British law have claimed sovereignty. Many officials in the U.K. and other European countries referred to these areas as “no-go” zones. But, in reality, they bear a striking resemblance to the caliphate controlled by ISIS after America’s Obama Administration discounted the terrorists as a “JV team.”

Along with lone wolf acts of Islamic violence, extremists have organized other refugees to denounce the authority of secular law in the U.K. Much like the sparks that fanned the flame of ISIS, radicals have led protests against the British government, shutting down London traffic while chanting “Allahu Akbar.” Extremist leaders have reportedly led chants of more than 1,000 Muslims that include this ISIS-type language. “We need a Caliph who will clean up these streets. World domination at hand. We can expand and take out these fools.”

The refugees that European countries seemingly “rescued” from the war-torn Middle East are taking aggressive steps toward a EU takeover.

Sweden Becomes A Place To Rape

Once considered among the most peaceful nations on the planet, Sweden’s open borders policy has propelled it to the ranks of world rape leader — at least in Europe.

Last year, the country’s largest musical festival, Bravalla, included international talents The Killers, Alesso, and System of a Down among others. Police in Ostergotland reportedly responded to four rapes and 23 sexual assaults during the weekend of the event. Reports have circulated that the outdoor concert and other events are being canceled due to the unrestrained violence perpetrated by criminal Muslim refugees who have unsettled the land.

In December, a 17-year-old Swedish girl was reportedly brutally raped by a gang of Muslims in Sofielund, Malmö, at a playground. So inhumane were her Islamic attackers that they poured lighter fluid over her vagina after finishing, and lit her ablaze. In a desperate attempt to get medical attention, she was denounced at the doors of Muslim homes. The extreme nature of the rape and burning of the young girl prompted protests by Swedish natives carrying signs that read “no rapists on our streets.” Still, police have their hands seeming tied, and can only advise women that they cannot safely walk their own streets after dark.

“It’s about common sense,” Malmo police officer Anders Nilsson reportedly said. “We are not warning people not to be outside, but to think twice and maybe not walk alone late at night and instead go with others or take a taxi.”

The Malmo police retracted the officer’s statement following a backlash from outraged citizens. But regardless of speeches, politics or policies, Sweden’s peace has fallen to a criminal Muslim refugee invasion.

Although the United States has implemented extreme vetting measures and a travel ban, Europe’s open arms, liberal policies have inflicted irreparable harm on the very citizens the governments are sworn to protect. Europe is under radical Muslim siege.

~ Liberty Planet

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