Reality Check: A Conservative Website Triggered the Trump-Russia Probe

The latest reports have President Donald Trump “seething” as he watched the special committee assigned to his alleged business dealings with Russia take the news cycle yet again.

It seems as though this distraction will never truly be finished. As the Trump administration continues to bring jobs back to America and reverse the negative effects of Obamacare, the only way liberals can attack the president is through this probe and a dossier that is still largely unsubstantiated.

It may surprise you to learn, however, that it was actually a conservative website that gave liberals the juice they needed to begin this charade in the first place.

Fusion GPS is the research firm and website that originally gave the Washington Free Beacon the data it needed to seriously conduct a background probe into President Trump’s business dealings. Fusion GPS is directly and principally funded by Paul Singer, a billionaire who is known as a staunch Republican.

All of this underscores the notion that the Republican moniker and ideological conservatism do not overlap as often as we may expect them to.

Fusion GPS executives continue to claim that none of the information they researched was put into the original dossier that probed into President Trump. This was the dossier that was put together by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 agent. Although liberals had made previous claims of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, Steele’s work was the first compilation to actually catch some traction on Capitol Hill and in the news media.

The Washington Free Beacon tried to cover its tracks, releasing a statement that it retained information about then-candidate Hillary Clinton as well. The Beacon also denies that it ever paid Steele for the dossier or had any knowledge of it whatsoever.

Steele himself was a public Marco Rubio supporter during the most recent Republican primaries. Rubio has denied any connection to the Steele dossier as well. However, the Florida senator admits that he would have used the information against Trump in the race if he had access to it.

Fusion continued to work for the Democratic Party after the initial funding from Republicans who were looking to stop a Trump presidency dried up. Both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Convention paid for research from Fusion long after Republicans stopped.

President Trump made a statement denouncing the use of Fusion research by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Whichever side you are on, the information is in full view of the public now. It is also considered canon by anyone calling himself an enemy of Trump, and is the main source of information that produces harmful attacks on the President.

What does this mean for conservatives that a GOP-backed entity started all this mess?

It means that we all need to watch our actions most carefully during the election cycle. With mid terms coming up very soon, pro-Trump Republicans have a real chance at taking important seats in the Senate and the House, especially in pivotal roles around the southern United States. However, any information that is used against these candidates in primary contests may come back to haunt them in general elections. It is also possible that information from primaries may be used to thwart their ideas in the legislative branch should they get elected.

In local and state races, candidates must fight with honor, and set the rules at the beginning of the process and stick to them. This means not allowing low blows to sway the constituency. This also means that conservative voters must be diligent in educating themselves about every candidate. Any candidate who puts his or her own personal agenda ahead of the greater good will should not be rewarded with support, as dirty fighters often are.

Let the Russia fiasco serve as a warning. How much more could the Trump administration accomplish if it did not have to come back and address this non-issue every other day? How many public resources are being directed to this probe that could be directed to our vets, health care or employment problems?

We all know that liberals will jump on any negative bandwagon that it sees. As conservatives who understand this, let us not do their jobs for them by selling out our own.

~ Liberty Planet