Sexual Assault Claims the Media Is Trying to Ignore

It’s tough to completely avoid mainstream media, so you’ve probably heard more than you can stomach about Roy Moore. We’ll leave that story to the Department of Justice.

While the left harps relentlessly on Moore’s situation, we’ll read between the lines. What’s really happening is that an unravelling faction is clinging to the only story they can find that distracts from the true nature of Weinstein fallout.

Major media collaborators and tons of big wigs on the left are falling left and right to allegations of sexual misconduct. The left has to shout as loudly as they can about Moore to try and distract us from the meat of the real story.

Here are a few of the biggest stories mainstream media won’t report. You might be disgusted, but you won’t be surprised.

Phillip Ahr

We’ll start this session with a lesser known Democratic politician. Ahr was on the board of commissioners in Radnor Township, a little place just outside of Philadelphia. While his post isn’t the most prominent, he’s been a strong voice in the thick of the Dem’s inner circle for some time. This came crashing down at the end of October when he was charged with multiple counts involving child pornography.

This is already sick enough, but the investigation revealed truly disturbing details. He has been sharing and peddling illicit content that involves infants and toddlers. Many are masochistic and involve physical abuse in addition to the abhorrent sexual acts. His involvement dates back to 2014.

We don’t have words severe enough for this heinous and disgusting act, and yet, this is probably the first you’ve heard of it.

Michael Oreskes

Thankfully, we can take a lighter turn. If you aren’t familiar with Oreskes, he used to be the head of news at NPR. He was also a New York Times Editor. You don’t need me to tell you how left he leans.

He’s been charged with run-of-the-mill sexual harassment. At least three accusers have stepped forward, and he admitted guilt. You can guess why this story isn’t circulating mainstream media outlets.

Mark Halperin

We have another standard harassment case. At least five accusers have laid it on the former NBC and MSNBC news contributor. Like many others, he admitted guilt. He no longer works for NBC, but you’ll have to dig to hear them say anything about it.

Rick Najera

Next on the list is the former director of CBS’s Diversity Showcase. Unlike the others so far, he actually denied the multiple sexual harassment claims leveled at him. Despite his denial, CBS has let him go. They’ve also worked hard to minimize any discussion of this embarrassing irony.

George Takei

We’re done with the small timers. It’s time to discuss the progressive’s biggest hero, Mr. Sulu himself.

In his later years, Takei has taken to social media to champion every social justice campaign the left can imagine — the stupider the better. His talent and wit in spreading these messages would almost be admirable if it were not for the harm it causes to young and impressionable minds.

In the last week, he was the latest Hollywood star to face claims of prior sexual assault. A former male model came out and explained how Takei drugged and assaulted him. Takei has vehemently denied the claims, and they are past the statute of limitations, but the story doesn’t look good.
Takei claims that the allegations were born of Russian bots to try to silence his criticisms of Trump’s presidency. Yes, what you read is as true as it is ridiculous. In reality, Takei only a few months ago went on the Howard Stern show and outright admitted to sexually assaulting “shy” men he found attractive over the years. We’ll see how it all plays out in the end, but there is one thing you can trust: the liberals won’t be eager to talk about it.
These are just a few prominent names that have come to light in the past month. Overall, there is a reckoning in America.

Powerful men have abused those below them for decades. Trump’s recognition of this fact won him an election. Now, under his leadership, Americans feel empowered to take down the corrupt. That the vast majority of these men are prominent figures on the left is a surprise only to the most devout sheep. Even the New York Times posted a list of men caught in the Weinstein fallout so far, and it’s a veritable who’s who in liberal media.

Progressives knew they couldn’t hide these crimes forever.

~ Liberty Planet