The Media is Grossly Misrepresenting the Attack on Rand Paul

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul was allegedly attacked by his neighbor Rene Boucher on November 3rd while working in his yard. According to some mainstream media outlets, the attack was the end result of a dispute over yard waste. This is a complete lie — let’s look at the real facts.

In a CNN article posted on November 7th, another one of Paul’s neighbors who didn’t want to be identified further substantiated this narrative stating that Paul and Boucher had been “quibbling over yard waste for years.” Boucher’s attorney, Matthew Baker, agreed and issued his own statement about the alleged incident.

“The unfortunate occurrence of November 3rd has absolutely nothing to do with either’s politics or political agendas. It was a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial,” he said.

Although there have been statements like those above that make it appear as if Paul was attacked over a simple neighborhood disagreement, there is evidence that this might not be as cut and dry as it seems. Another neighbor of Paul’s who did agree to be named, Travis Creed, had a different view of the whole incident.

“The stories of a landscaping dispute or dispute of any sort between Rand Paul and Rene Boucher are erroneous and unfounded. The reason for Boucher’s bizarre attack is known only to him. Statements to the contrary are irresponsible and unnecessary,” Creed told the Washington Examiner.

According to the same Washington Examiner piece that featured Mr. Creed’s statement, there is good reason to believe the attack on Paul wasn’t random or the end result of a neighborhood squabble:

“The neighbor who allegedly attacked Sen. Rand Paul, causing six broken ribs, was aggressively anti-Trump and anti-GOP on his social media, calling for impeachment of the president and urging Russia investigator Robert Mueller to ‘fry Trump’s gonads.'”

Kelley Paul, Rand Paul’s wife, recently penned a column for CNN where she described in detail the pain and suffering Paul has endured since he was attacked by their neighbor, an attack that left him with three displaced ribs, six broken ribs, pleural effusion, and pneumonia.

“This was not a ‘scuffle’ or ‘fight’ or an ‘altercation’ as many in the media falsely describe it,” she wrote. “It was a deliberate, blindside attack. This has been a terrible experience; made worse by the media’s gleeful attempts to blame Rand for it, ridiculing him for everything from mowing his own lawn to composting.

“The average person takes 20,000 breaths a day. Since November 3rd, my husband, Rand Paul, has not taken a single one without pain. He has not had a single night’s sleep uninterrupted by long periods of difficult breathing or excruciating coughing.”

Kelley went on to clarify the relationship that existed between their neighbor and her husband Rand before the attack:

“The fact is, neither Rand nor I have spoken to the attacker in 10 years, other than a casual wave from the car.”

What has been proven is the fact that Paul was attacked by his neighbor. Some say this attack was motivated by mere complaints involving lawn care. To most level-headed individuals, though, this attack seems a gross overreaction considering the types of injuries that Paul suffered.

The attack that led to Paul’s injuries is best described as vicious. Therefore, one does have to wonder what really happened.

Why was this attack so violent? What was behind it?

Boucher is facing a misdemeanor assault charge for his attack on Senator Rand Paul. He pleaded not guilty to the charge, making it very likely the case will go to trial. Hopefully, the facts of this case will finally see the light of day when Boucher has to answer for his actions in a court of law.

Rand Paul is a conservative working and living in a society where disagreement is often considered an acceptable motivation behind an attack. To discount this as a possible motivator is beyond foolish.

~ Liberty Planet