The NFL’s Anthem Rule is Another Win for Trump and America

Imagine, for a moment, someone at your workplace protesting a government policy or a perceived injustice while on-the-clock. Your employer would likely reprimand the protesting employee and possibly even fire him or her. This is exactly what President Trump recommended NFL team owners do with players who protest perceived injustices by taking a knee or sitting during the national anthem.

There is a time and place for everything. Taking a knee during a patriotic moment while being paid copious amounts of money to play a game is completely inappropriate. This viewpoint was recently affirmed with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to force NFL players to stand during the national anthem.

Trump and Pence Chalk up Another Win

President Trump went out on a limb by calling NFL players who refuse to stand during the national anthem as “sons of bitches” who should be fired. It was a risky statement to make, especially considering the fact that the NFL is the most popular sport in the United States by a considerable margin.

Trump made the statement during the 2017 NFL season amidst league-wide player protests. Fast forward six months later, and it is crystal clear Commissioner Goodell and the NFL team owners concur — or at least their viewers do. This surprising development is yet another example of Trump’s willingness to make a bold statement and political risk that initially seems somewhat haphazard, yet ultimately cements his position as a righteous leader.

Vice President Mike Pence also deserves credit for his willingness to take a political risk by leaving an Indianapolis Colts game last season after Colts and San Francisco 49ers players knelt during the national anthem. Pence and Trump displayed the type of patriotism rarely found on the political left. It can be argued Trump and Pence’s public criticism of NFL players propelled Commissioner Goodell and NFL owners toward their recent decision to penalize those who refuse to honor our anthem and flag.

The Flag Will be Respected

Commissioner Goodell and NFL team owners will penalize players who refuse to stand for the national anthem. Though players will be allowed to remain in the locker room during the anthem, any form of visible protest on the field will incur punishment in the form of a stiff fine.

As Trump stated, those who do not respect the anthem, the American flag and the land of the free “…shouldn’t be in the country.” After all, NFL players are paid millions of dollars to play a game. These are part-time workers who spend half the year unemployed. If anything, they should be eternally grateful for the opportunity to out-earn their peers by tossing the pigskin around once per week in front of adoring fans.

American capitalism provided these football players with the opportunity to earn vast amounts of money so the question begs: why are so many unwilling to respect the American flag and anthem? The irony is these players should be more respectful of the country than the average Joe who works his tail off to put food on the table. Many NFL players retire in their early 30s and never work another day in their life. The same cannot be said of the nation’s hardworking men and women performing monotonous and physically grueling labor in fields like construction and food service.

These workers make a fraction of the average NFL player’s salary, yet nearly every single one of them is willing to stand during the national anthem, remove their hat and show respect for this great country. These workers are the true superstars worthy of acclaim and reverence. They will be working into their 60s or 70s, constructing the buildings and preparing the meals current and former NFL players need for everyday living.

America is Back on the Path to Greatness

Trump’s willingness to speak out against unpatriotic football players is the perfect example of how his leadership is returning America to greatness. Though many will argue the act of kneeling or sitting on the bench during the national anthem is a trivial matter, the truth is such protests are symbolic of how this country has veered far off its course in recent years.

Take a moment to think about the message professional athletes sent to the American youth when kneeling during the anthem. These ungrateful athletes were telling our kids it is acceptable to disrespect the flag, the military and our great country. The days of these traitorous actions and messages have now come to a close. America is back on the track to greatness thanks to President Trump and Vice President Pence.

~ Liberty Planet

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