The Weinstein Effect & The Death of the Finger Wagging Left

As Hollywood continues to implode in the ongoing “Me Too” movement with victims of rape and sexual assault coming forward, not only does the list of accusers continually expand — but the number of the accused continues to rise as well. All told, the number of accused has risen to 42 major Hollywood players.

Most notably we have Harvey Weinstein, who is being investigated by the FBI and NYPD. His list of accusers includes names like Anjolina Jolie, Rose McGowen, Ashley Judd, and Gwyneth Paltrow. But the list has expanded to include the likes of Hollywood A-listers like Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, George Takei and George Clooney just to name a prominent few.

Possibly the most telling story in this ongoing train wreck of sexual violence and identity politics is the scandal surrounding Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken. The former comedian is accused of molesting and harassing an army woman and photographing himself grabbing her breasts while she slept. What makes this story especially interesting is the fact that Franken has a track record of harshly condemning male perpetrators of sexual violence to the extent that he says even an accusation of rape or sexual assault should be taken as damning evidence against the accused.

Now, he seems to feel differently.

Even more telling, is the fact that Franken has been pushing for the removal and punishment of a Republican opponent against whom the evidence of guilt is much weaker than the evidence against himself. The former SNL star said he would be glad to cooperate in an investigation, but refuses to step down as he has demanded his opponent do.

Spacey tried to run for the political cover of homosexuality, and drunkenness to boot, when he was accused and Takei simply laughed it off on the Howard Stern Show. His reply when confronted in this years ago was simply, “Hello boner.”

While all of these revelations have been disgusting, and moved millions of conservatives to boycott Hollywood, the lesson is valuable. It is the fact that leftist moralizing elites believe that the country is infested with a rape permissive culture because the subsection of society they inhabit is a real rape culture. It is the finger-wagging left that occupies a subsection of society where rape is permissible — where sexual assault is commonplace, and where men using power and money to coerce women into sexual situations is the norm.

When they accuse you of harboring dark thoughts, feelings, and intentions, it is because they themselves harbor such feelings. Just as the Democrats accuse Republicans of colluding with Russians when they are guilty of that very thing liberals accuse the entire nation of being as corrupt and perverse as themselves.

We do not celebrate their moral and professional undoing. But, we raise our faces with gladness to see the final result of decades of bitter accusations, evil name calling, and foul lies. The result is that these liberal pontificates, who are so willing to admonish and condemn reveal themselves as deserving their own medicine.

No longer can they call us horrible names like ‘racist’ and ‘sexist.’ Gone are the days of baseless moral accusations. America is finally waking up to the fact that the political left does not care about justice more than the right — they are not our moral superiors.

The moral posturing party is over.

~ Liberty Planet