Trump Announces Planned Visit to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria is the strongest tropical storm to hit Puerto Rico this century. The massive Category 5 storm hit the U.S. territory island dead in the center. It nearly “annihilated” Puerto Rico, according to San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, and left in its wake a path of almost complete destruction that killed more than a dozen people.

The storm came just as the island had already been dealing with the effects of Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma hit the island just shortly before Maria. The fact that two major storms blasted the island in such a short time made the devastation even worse.

What is left of Puerto Rico is in total devastation. Most of the island’s power lines are down, and the infrastructure is severely damaged. More than three million people are without electrical energy. The food and water supply are in very short supply. Cell phone towers are damaged, and communications are very spotty. The roads are flooded and clogged with debris. The oppressive heat and lack of power are making the situation even more critical. The mayor of San Juan describes the island as being in the middle of a humanitarian crisis, adding that it is so hot that people are grasping for air.

Liberal news outlets have blasted President Trump saying that the administration has not grasped the seriousness of the situation in Puerto Rico, and that it is not doing enough for the devastated island. However, that is simply not true. The liberal news media has chosen to completely ignore all that the government has done for the island. The administration has worked very hard to get food, water and other supplies to Puerto Rico.

President Trump recently attended a hurricane briefing meeting and called a meeting of agency heads to help Puerto Rico recover. He also sent out top officials to talk to reporters.

Trump announced that he would visit Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands next week. He said that next week is the earliest that he can visit due to extensive storm damage. Emergency management officals say that visiting earlier than that might disrupt relief efforts.

The United States Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke will also pay a visit to the island to meet with local authorities as well as the governor to coordinate federal relief efforts.

Supplies have been arriving at the island hourly thanks to the efforts of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other aid groups. President Trump publicly complimented their efforts in helping Puerto Rico.

Thousands of troops have also been sent to Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts. On Thursday, the United States appointed Lieutenant General Jeffrey Buchanan to coordinate efforts to distribute food and water and restore services in Puerto Rico. The senior general will oversee all military relief operations on the island.

FEMA Administrator Brock Long said that 16 Coast Guard and Navy ships were sent to the waters around the island to help with relief. Additionally, there are ten more ships on the way. FEMA said that the United States Army Corps of Engineers would be in charge of rebuilding Puerto Rico’s power grid, which was crippled by the storm.

In another effort to help the island, Trump recently lifted a significant barrier in providing relief aid, and that was lifting shipping restrictions to the island. The Jones Act is a 1920s law that requires that goods be carried on ships that are owned and operated by Americans. The legislation has limited the number of supplies that the island has been able to receive. The White House announced that President Trump authorized for the Jones Act to be waived to help provide additional relief to Puerto Rico. The change goes into effect immediately, and will allow more supplies to reach the island quicker.

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello has praised the government’s response saying that they are “so thankful” for the job that the administration is doing to help the devastated island. Rossello stated that he has spoken to President Trump several times and that the President moved quickly to deal with the effects of the storm and provide help.

This is a very different story than what you are hearing from the mainstream media.

~ Liberty Planet