What Bolton’s Appointment Means for Conservative Policies

President Donald Trump made perhaps his most controversial appointment in tapping John R. Bolton for the post of National Security Adviser.

Bolton made his bones as a former American ambassador to the United Nations, a post that usually requires a measure of subtlety and a personality tilted towards compromise. Bolton is not burdened with this weakness. He is known as a “hawk among hawks” for a reason — his policies default to aggression, and he is just the muscle Trump needs to back up his executive bluster.

Disdain from liberals from the appointment is to be expected. The real question is if conservatives will unite behind this pick in time for the 2018 mid term elections.

Of course, this is much bigger than the administration’s foreign policy. 2018 is expected to be a referendum on Trump’s popularity. Savvy political experts are focusing their attention on how the center right will react to him. With Bolton as the new sheriff in town, there is no mistaking how the president wants to move forward with the remaining time in his term — aggressively. The roadblock to this goal has never been liberals. The true bottleneck in getting policies passed has been the meandering centrist Republican — the swing state holdover who needed independent votes to carry his election last time out.

This is the conservative who made it known that Trump was taking it too far. However, this conservative is far too weak to lay claim to the conservative banner or the Republican brand. As such, they are waving in the wind, trying to find a message solipsistic enough to retain independent votes by ostracizing Trump. By design, then, they must try to ostracize Bolton.

Leading conservatives within the party — the names who really matter — are falling in line. Upon the selection of Bolton to his current position, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) were among the many to send almost instant congratulations. The left was not so kind, but as stated before, they are really not the ones who matter right now.

So how exactly will Bolton affect the mid term elections?

First of all, voters will be forced to make a real decision — either you are for America First policies or against them. This decision will come through in the votes for local and state representatives. Local and state representatives will also have to make this decision in the form of policy and political philosophy. Who is really looking to help American citizens by returning jobs stateside, holding people accountable for their own well being, and supporting the so called “extreme” positions that it would take to get this done? Voters and representatives alike will be able to have an open, frank conversation that has not occurred between legislators and constituents for quite some time.

Secondly, Bolton is sure to bring down the hammer on foreign policy. Bolton is for simply crippling the enemies of America, such North Korea and Iran, so that they cannot make problems for the US. Combined with Trump’s position on tariffs, this translates into an incredibly strong “America first” stance on everything from jobs to guns.

Voters will be forced to understand how foreign policy affects their daily lives. You will see an uptick in informed conservative voters making a stand, coming out to vote, and making their voices heard in swing states and in rural areas. The recent comments of Hillary Clinton, which basically called all conservative voters hicks, will be proven demonstrably false.

Having Bolton near the White House and in a position to maintain the ear of the president is an incredibly positive thing for America. With more high profile people in government showcasing a no nonsense attitude, the people will finally have an example that they can follow with pride.

What you will see in the midterms will be a resurgence of conservative pride and an America first philosophy. And to think — all that it took was to hire a National Security Adviser who actually knows something about national security. General McMaster was a great choice, but Bolton is definitely on another level.

~ Liberty Planet

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