What is Robert Mueller Really Up to With the Trump-Russia Probes?

Robert Mueller, the special council charged with prolonging the fiasco circling around the pointless probes of President Donald Trump doing business with Russia, has become a modern hero for the American left.

Because this is the only nail upon which liberals can currently hang their hats, they need Mueller to keep the investigation open as long as he can — and he’s been happy to comply.

Recently, Mueller leveled charges against three people connected to Donald Trump in various ways. The most noteworthy of these charges were rested upon the head of Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. He and his business partner, Rick Gates, were both charged with making false statements, money laundering and conspiracy against the United States. Both men are currently on house arrest, and have been relieved of their passports. Allegedly, Manafort hid millions of dollars that he earned while working with a political party in Ukraine.

The Trump administration was quick to point out that even if all charges against Manafort and Gates are true, none of it has anything to do with the campaign itself. Liberals are trying to spin the story, saying that the mere hiring of Manafort showcases a lack of judgment.

The one finding that liberals are taking for everything it is worth is the guilty plea of George Papadopoulos, who advised the Trump campaign during election season. He pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. Supposing that the plea was not under duress, the charges allege that he had ties to the Russian government.

Who’s next to be investigated – Trump’s former butler who may or may not have taken a vacation to the Balkans at one point in his life? The connections that Mueller is making are tenuous at best, downright misleading at worst. Even if a businessman did business in Russia before signing on to the Trump campaign, how does this apply to the election? There were no laws on the books against doing business with Russians. No one can pre-read the snowglobe that liberals use to pick their next false news scandal. The charges that Mueller are bringing up represent retroactive law at its finest.

There is also the issue of wasting public funds on expensive investigations that truly have no need to exist. Mueller is spending taxpayer money, time and resources to dig into the personal finances of people who are barely connected to President Trump. Meanwhile, everyone seems to forget that WikiLeaks actually showed hard evidence that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s right hand man, had actual business with Russia. Of course, there were no charges levied his way.

Mueller is also scaring up witnesses from old associations in an attempt to make someone talk – hopefully implicating President Trump himself. Mostly, the investigation is trying to send a message. As misdirected and unfocused as this message is, it is ringing loud and clear: We are more than willing to waste taxpayer money to create political drama for no reason. All former Trump associates should be on guard.

President Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee braves the spears of the press bravely in her conferences. However, there should be no reason for this issue to come up again and again when there is real American suffering to attend to. Veterans still have much less money than they need to pay due respects to their service. American businesses need more help from the government to hire American workers. Children waste away every day in orphanages. The military is in the middle of rebuilding. There are more important things to spend government time on.

Although the Trump administration is making great strides in correcting the mistakes of the Obama years, there are forces just as powerful who are looking to stop them from getting anything done.

Let us all turn our attention away from fake news and opportunistic reporters who insist on dragging out a non-issue for the sake of ratings. The less time and brainpower that we spend on this garbage, the less fuel it has to continue proliferating itself in the news cycle. Remember those worthy Americans who deserve your time, attention and resources.

Even if we cannot completely stop national media, we can uphold decent human morals in our own cities and towns. The feeling will eventually trickle its way up.

~ Liberty Planet