Immigration and the Economy Were Key Issues in Florida

With the seemingly endless rounds of recounts finally over, Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott will officially transition into their new respective roles as the state’s governor and U.S. Senator. Now, we can finally look back and analyze what exactly happened in one of the most contentious elections of the year.

In the 2018 midterms, Florida was one of the most important states for both Republicans and Democrats alike. Florida is a notoriously close battleground state, but Democrats were hoping to be able to easily take control of both the governors’ mansion and a Florida Senate seat as part of the “blue wave” that they’d been promising.

According to exit polls, the economy and immigration were two of the most important topics for Florida voters. Given that the economy is booming under GOP leadership and immigration is an issue that only Republicans are attempting to solve, it should come as little surprise that Republican candidates were able to pull ahead in this election.

Of course, both races were called on razor-thin margins — close enough for the Democrats to call for recounts more than once. Recounts, after all, have become something of a bi-annual tradition for the Sunshine State. With the results finalized, however, it’s clear which issues matter most to Florida voters.

To learn more about how Florida voters prioritized these two issues, be sure to check out the video below.

~ Liberty Planet