Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Gaffe Should Make Democrats Nervous

Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that she has no intention of stepping off center stage in politics as she raises funds, gives interviews and promotes Democratic ...Continue reading

Upping The Ante: Trump Pushes NATO, China In Taxpayers’ Best Interest

The American taxpayer has been footing the bill for other nations’ prosperity for far too long. That’s why Pres. Donald J. Trump has ramped up the rhetoric, ...Continue reading

Some Democrats Are Actually Praising Communism Now

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's win in New York's Congressional Primary has put the Democratic Socialists of America back in the news as the organization revels in t ...Continue reading

4 Radical Policies Democrats Are Pushing Right Now

It seemed like yesterday that leading Democrats and their complicit media outlets were touting a Blue Wave that would sweep Republicans out of office in the upc ...Continue reading

U.K. Tories Draw Brexit Battle Lines

Brexit continues to be a political hotspot for Britain with far reaching consequences around the world. This is especially true for American conservatives who a ...Continue reading

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Could Change Roe v Wade Forever

With Pres. Donald J. Trump making his second nominee, the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court is on a collision course with the abortion rights precedent se ...Continue reading

Mexico’s New President To Sour Already Bad Relations With United States

The United States and Mexico are now both led by headstrong populist presidents at a time when relations look like a street fight. Despite the controversies ...Continue reading

The End of Mueller’s Russia Probe May Be Closer Than You Think

When Pres. Donald J. Trump called the Russia Probe a “witch hunt,” Americans could not have possibly imagined the corrupt web of deceit that set it in motio ...Continue reading

Growing Number of Democrat Politicians Call for ICE to be Abolished

As the mid-term elections draw near, a growing number of Democratic politicians are calling for ICE to be abolished. The calls come not just from new rising ...Continue reading

The Trump-Putin Summit is Officially On

In a move that is likely to stun allies and enrage those who still think that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections, President Donald Trump is set to personally ...Continue reading

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