The Poor And Middle-Class Foot the Bill For Renewable Energy Mandates

Currently, 29 states have “green” energy mandates that require utilities to produce or sell a certain percentage of electricity from renewable sources. Cali ...Continue reading

Florida’s Governor Race is Heating Up Quickly

While a number of mainstream news outlets are touting the fact that Andrew Gillum is currently ahead of Ron DeSantis in the polls, local newspapers are pointing ...Continue reading

Dems Unleash Last-Ditch Effort to Smear Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats vowed to oppose the elevation of judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court even before his nomination was put forth by Pres. Donald J. Trump. ...Continue reading

The Most Disturbing Facts About America’s Border Crisis

Efforts to shift the illegal immigration debate to family separations has done nothing to stop imminent threats at the southern border. In recent weeks, upwa ...Continue reading

Ocasio-Cortez Redefines the Term ‘Liberal Idiot’

The knock on the two major parties used to go as follows. If you were on the right, the left called you a “Republican A-hole.” In turn, right-wingers would ...Continue reading

Trump Jr. Hilariously ‘Fixes’ Nike’s Kaepernick Ad

Donald Trump Jr. just did one of the most clever things that anyone has done in quite a while. Rather than stew over a Nike ad that indirectly attacks his fathe ...Continue reading

Has Trump Finally Figured Out Who Wrote That ‘Gutless’ Op-Ed?

Earlier this month, The New York Times published a highly controversial anonymous op-ed supposedly written by a senior White House Official. The author describe ...Continue reading

University Hides Study Linking Peer Pressure and Transgenderism

Brown University Professor Lisa Littman recently conducted a study on transgenderism that involved interviewing parents who, for the most part, were supportive ...Continue reading

Trump Slams Explosive ‘Resistance’ Piece Published In NY Times

Earlier this month, an anonymous White House insider penned an explosive opinion piece for the New York Times titled “I Am Part Of The Resistance Inside The T ...Continue reading

Chicago Democrats Harass Food Truck Vendors

Chicago has a higher than average crime rate, serious pension problems and a host of other issues; even so, the city government has put a priority on harassing ...Continue reading

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