3 Reasons Biden Can’t Be Trusted With America’s Economic Future

Americans may recall campaign promises made by the Obama-Biden administration. They would deliver affordable healthcare for all, increase employment opportunities for working families, and renegotiate bad trade deals such as NAFTA. Although Joe Biden’s boss gave moving speeches about “hope,” the “change” people got was the exact opposite. Not only were all of those promises broken, but the country took giant steps backward.

Now, former Vice President Joe Biden wants you to believe those eight years of suffering were terrific and he can be trusted to lead. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on American voters.”

These are fact-based reasons to avoid another Biden-run disaster.

1: Joe Biden Cannot Be Trusted with Employment

Perhaps the pivotal gain made during President Donald Trump’s first term has been job growth. During the upcoming presidential debates, Biden will likely trot out the same misleading statistics Democrats claimed in 2016. These are that the Obama-Biden White House sustained job growth. That may seem counterintuitive given that so many people were stringing together low-wage part-time jobs to make ends meet.

The facts are that Biden and his boss managed to lose 575,000 good-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector alone. Before the pandemic upended the economy, the U.S. unemployment rate stood at a more than 50-year low of 3.5 percent. What was more encouraging than historically low unemployment across America’s melting pot was the fact there were as many as 7.36 million unfilled positions in 2019. There were more good-paying job opportunities than people to fill them.

President Trump didn’t use a “magic wand” as Obama mocked. He used a sharp economic policy to reverse the downward spiral. Under the Trump Administration, wages have grown exponentially faster than during the previous eight years.

2: Joe Biden Cannot Be Trusted on Trade

It’s no secret that Biden introduced his son Hunter to high-ranking Chinese economic officials just before proposing a lopsided trade agreement that favored the communists. In what appears to be a quid pro quo, China propped up Hunter Biden in a corporate position that was showered with $1.5 billion in investment. That corporation, in turn, siphoned off intellectual property and outsourced American jobs.

But the lynchpin of Biden’s false trade talk can be found in the record. He fully supported the NAFTA trade agreement that caused plants to relocate to Mexico and a jobs purge in the millions. Liberal sources such as the Huffington Post claim the country lost 1 million jobs and a $181 billion trade deficit due to the Biden-backed deal. Others claim the jobs loss could be as high as 4 million. Biden voted for NAFTA, and now claims he was against it. He and Obama promised to renegotiate it. They didn’t. Why would anyone trust Biden with trade?

3: Biden Cannot Be Trusted on Public Policy

During the Democratic Party’s primaries, Biden positioned himself as a moderate to gain the nomination. But since securing the endorsement, his positions on issues have grown increasingly radical. Socialists such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez literally wrote his policy platform. What’s frightening is that Biden is now proposing $5.4 trillion in additional spending that enacts the very Green New Deal policies that even extremist Democrats in Congress declined to vote into law.

Biden’s spending free-for-all would reportedly outpace new tax revenue by $2 trillion without reining in the country’s current deficit spending. Adding insult to injury, the former VP’s tax policy would again result in companies leaving the U.S. for better deals overseas.

Biden may whisper sweet nothings to voters to contrast President Trump’s gruff manner. However, we’ve heard these lines before, and they proved costly.

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