4 Things You Need to Know About Amy Coney Barrett

The recent nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the vacant U.S. Supreme Court post represents one the most significant moments in American law and justice.

Should the Republican-majority U.S. Senate shepherd through the process, her academic and record from the bench suggests the high court would return the principles laid out by the Founding Fathers. The Obama-Biden administration tried to create a judicial activist majority determined to reinvent the U.S. Constitution to fit their “interpretation” of the document based on trending flavors of the day.

With at least 51 Republicans backing a vote, possibly before Election Day, these are things everyday Americans need to know about Judge Barrett.

1: Judge Barrett Could Finish Off Obamacare

The so-called Affordable Care Act caused insurance premiums and the cost of medications to skyrocket. Small businesses lost health insurance policies due to escalating prices, and low-income people were forced to choose between a $500 IRS fine or buying unusable packages.

Many Americans expected the high court to strike down the law as unconstitutional based on the IRS fine. In a nutshell, forcing everyday people to buy a product seemed wrongheaded. But the Obama-Biden makeup of the court gave its blessing in the interest of socialist healthcare. It also gave the federal government to power to force Americans to buy products they may not want.

Judge Barrett rejected the decision, saying that Justice Roberts was “creatively interpreting” statutes in a way that “is at odds with the statutory textualism to which most originalists subscribe.” Simply put, she is expected to end what little remains of Obamacare. Only then can the country move forward, improving healthcare coverage.

2: Judge Barrett Has Deep Southern Roots

The oldest of seven siblings, Judge Barrett was born and raised just outside New Orleans in the Old Metairie neighborhood. Both of her parents worked full-time jobs. Her mother taught French at a local high school, and her father worked as a lawyer in the offshore oil industry. Her family enjoys generations of French-ancestry roots in Louisiana.

Much to the chagrin of far-left Democrats, she does not come to the bench with the elitist Ivy League pedigree they cherish. Judge Barrett attended a Roman-Catholic high school and won a scholarship to Rhodes College in Tennessee before attending Notre Dame Law School in Indiana.

3: Judge Barrett Would be the First “Working Mom” on the Supreme Court

If Judge Barrett overcomes the obstacles and attacks leveled by Democrats, she would be the first mother of school-aged children ever seated. Judge Barrett has seven children, two adopted, and one who is considered special needs.

Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan reportedly do not have children. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s children were adults when she was appointed to the high court in 1993. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s three children were also adults when she was appointed in 1981.

4: Judge Barrett Unlikely To Overturn Roe v. Wade

Both sides of the political aisle tout or attack nominees based on their religious affiliations and personal views on abortion. The landmark case ensured a woman’s right to “privacy,” concerning abortion. This is not exactly what Democrats like to call a “woman’s right to choose.” That being said, the only Justice expressing an interest in overturning Roe V. Wade is Justice Clearance Thomas. Although considered pro-life by many, Judge Barrett has not supported Justice Thomas’s position in the issue.

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