Chicago Democrat Politician Says Parents Should Need a License to Have Kids

Democratic Chicago Committeeman Alderman Ray Lopez clearly thinks that big government should be involved in every single aspect of every person’s life.

The local lawmaker’s call for mandated licensing for bearing children comes in the wake of a case where a father is accused of murdering his own son — a tragic story, to be sure. But let’s get the obvious out of the way: such a licensing program, should it ever be passed, would hurt an untold number of children and parents throughout the nation.

Naturally, Lopez has refused to apologize for his horrific comments. Instead, he recently bemoaned to local news outlets that he doesn’t think his licensing idea would ever become reality because the United States, unlike China, doesn’t have “child-bearing laws.” He does, however, hope that it encourages Chicago to take action.

Speaking of China, a quick look at the communist nation reveals the disastrous effects of its regulations on having children. In China, couples that have attempted to have more kids than the state allows have often been forced to have abortions. In other instances, those who have been able to give birth to extra children pay hefty fines, and aren’t able to receive any sort of documentation for their children. Without the official documentation, the children cannot go to school, enroll in college, or even find a passably decent job.

Children of communist China live in the shadows, often working at dangerous jobs for a pittance and suffering humiliation and threats without the ability to seek legal help. This is a humanitarian crisis, and it’s been going on for a long time.

While the United States isn’t a communist nation, it’s difficult to see how mandatory parental licensing would play out differently here than it does in a total dictatorship. While parents may not be forced into abortions against their will, they may have their child taken away if they don’t obtain a license. Foster agencies that are already having a difficult time finding loving homes for those already in their care would be overwhelmed.

What’s truly horrific about the whole idea is that there is no telling who would be in charge. Who gets to grant people this privilege, and what criteria parents would have to meet? Would liberal bureaucrats try to stop people from having kids if the prospective parents don’t embrace the LGBTQ agenda? Could people be disallowed from giving birth legally if they are deemed to be racist, misogynistic, or a “climate change denier”? These questions matter, and we get the feeling that many leftists would prefer not to answer them.

Lopez’s call for requiring childbirth licensing makes it clear that the Democratic Party is far more hypocritical and intolerant than many realize. While many leftists think it’s perfectly fine to murder an unborn child because a woman should have “the right to control her own body,” these same individuals would force mothers to get government permission to conceive.

While it is true that some parents are certainly unfit and deserve to have their children taken away, the vast majority of parents in the nation care for their children and are doing everything they can to love, nurture and provide for them. No local, state, or federal authority should be allowed to interfere with this.

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