Joe Biden’s Campaign is Sinking Even Further


The Democratic Party lives and dies by divisive identity politics that pit everyday Americans against one another. But through even their tainted liberal perspective, Creepy Joe Biden checks the boxes of a bigot, sexist, and misogynist. As those issues have moved to the forefront of the primary process, some in the often friendly left-leaning media have thrown the former vice president under the bus. Creepy Joe Biden’s once formidable presidential nominee campaign bid is losing ground.

On the campaign trail, Biden heaped praise on the segregationists he worked closely with during his days in the U.S. Senate. Despite their open racism, Biden counted them among his close friends and esteemed colleagues. He voted in lock-step with senators who reportedly had ties to the Ku Klux Klan when he fought against desegregation policies. Investigative journalists have since unearthed speeches Biden delivered touting the man once called “the most dangerous racist in America,” Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

It’s been widely reported that Creepy Joe inappropriately groped Democratic women, and notoriously acted on a hair sniffing fetish without the consent of even young girls on numerous occasions. Despite these and other disqualifying actions, Democratic leadership and the fake news media continued to support Biden believing he had the chops to beat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. But the clock has struck midnight, and Biden’s Cinderella story is slipping away. Democrat voters have had enough.

Following the first Democratic Party primary debate, California Sen. Kamala Harris crushed Biden in a back and forth over desegregation busing policies. Biden backpedaled and cowered, claiming his time had expired. His poll numbers plummeted, and one survey put Sen. Harris and Biden in a statistical tie. CNN, the media organization that initially backed Biden, reported that he dropped 10 points following the debate, with Sen. Harris gaining 9 points in its liberal survey.

Oddly, bigotry, voting against funding abortions for poor women, and groping were not the issues that derailed Biden’s first presidential bid. The leading issue that caused Democratic primary voters to turn away was plagiarism.

“Biden’s first presidential campaign, back in the 1988 race, was derailed by charges of plagiarism both on the campaign trail and also during his time in law school,” CNN’s Arlette Saenz said.

Reports are surfacing the Biden’s campaign team has tried to get in synch with the far-left radicals of his party by putting forth an original climate change policy spin. Even fake news CNN has called Biden’s move as bogus.

“Joe Biden’s campaign is fending off allegations of plagiarism today after revelations that the climate change policy plan copied language directly from multiple liberal activist groups and a news site. It circulated on social media yesterday just hours after the plan was posted by the campaign online,” CNN’s John King said. “Biden campaign claiming simply a matter of missing citations. But it was a similar allegation that helped sink Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign.”

“Forgive me here. Having lived through the ’87 campaign, this is an amateur mistake on a substantial policy rollout when they had to know. The one thing they cannot do is plagiarize,” King added. “It’s lazy, or it is arrogant. This is a leadership and competence issue.”

Despite the fake news media outrage over Biden’s recent current and past history of stealing other people’s work, the liberal outlet continues to host the Obama-era number two in an effort to rehabilitate his image. The conventional wisdom is that CNN is more than willing to work with anyone its leadership believes can upend President Trump in 2020. The facts are that from top to bottom, the failing network is devoted to the popular radical “resist” and “obstruct” movement that surfaced after the 2016 elections. However, Democratic primary voters appear to have tuned out, according to recent polls and ratings.

Although political polls have proven to be inaccurate, the opinion over which candidate deserves the nomination has shifted across the board. The vast majority of polls show Biden’s campaign in retreat. In recent weeks, both Sen. Harris and Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren passed popular Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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