John Kerry May Have Committed TREASON By Doing This

Recent reports indicate that former Secretary of State John Kerry’s action during the Obama Administration and following the election of President Donald Trump may have been more than self-serving and unpatriotic. Recent accounts have raised the question of whether Kerry inscrutable actions are treason.

Americans were shocked in the spring of 2014 when the Russians rolled tanks into Ukraine’s Crimea region and annexed it. Kerry, Obama, and V.P. Joe Biden sat on their hands as the U.S. adversary extended its reach. In hindsight, it has been reported that Kerry’s stepson and Biden’s son had formed an investment company and were reaping millions from U.S. support sent to the region. In what appears to be double-dealing by Kerry, he was reportedly actively engaged in “back channeling” with the Russian hierarchy to hand over Ukraine’s Crimea.

“Everything is clear. Everything happened the way the Crimean people wanted. But, for form’s sake, hold another one (referendum),” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently recounted his secret conversation with Kerry. “If you already understand everything, why make people vote again? I hope John will not take offense at me.”

In contrast, the Kerry-led State Department issued strong language to denounce Russia during the invasion.

“Secretary Kerry reaffirmed that the United States considers the ongoing referendum illegal under Ukrainian law and restated that the United States will not recognize the outcome,” the U.S. State Department said after the referendum.

Kerry went on to issue what appeared to be threats against Russian aggression in the region.

“It can get ugly fast if the wrong choices are made, and it can get ugly in multiple directions,” Kerry said at the time. “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th-century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext.”

But the facts and inaction by Kerry, Biden, and Obama appear to support the Russian minister’s claim the administration sanctioned the military occupation. No U.S. military presence was brought to bear, and only watered down sanctions held up appearances that the Obama Administration and Kerry hadn’t condoned the takeover.

Along with his potentially treasonous actions in Ukraine, reports have surfaced that the Kerry and Biden families raked in hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, through backdoor dealing with China. Reports have again surfaced that the company owned and operated by Biden’s son and Kerry’s stepson were fast-tracked to high-level meetings with elite financial officials in China. The two families have reportedly increased their wealth while negotiating deals that gutted America’s manufacturing base and caused massive job loss in the U.S. Those unpatriotic actions, allegedly prompted through greed, might have gone unnoticed if Hillary had won the 2016 election and Washington elites kept their money train rolling.

Since the 2016 win by President Trump, America First policies have boxed Russia in financially and increased military fortification against further aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Under the President’s command, U.S. military and coalition forces have hit Russia on the battlefield in response to war crimes and imminent threats.

Kerry was also instrumental in orchestrating the Iran Nuclear Deal that sent billions in American cash to the radical regime. The deal removed sanctions and allowed perhaps America’s most hateful enemy to renew nuclear testing. Although the agreement put a hold on developing weapons-grade enriched uranium, the radical Islamic extremists have been reportedly caught working toward building nuclear weapons.

Kerry decried President Trump ending the deal and stifling Iranian nuclear aspirations with the harshest sanctions to date. He has openly and covertly engaged in rogue negotiations since President Trump took a hard line against Iran. The conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has filed a lawsuit that could uncover Kerry’s alleged plot to undermine the president through previously inserted deep state operatives at the State Department.

“John Kerry wasn’t elected president, so he should avoid colluding with Iran and other foreign government to undermine U.S. foreign policy,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said. “Our lawsuit is meant to discover not only what Kerry was up to but also to unearth who inside the Deep State Trump ‘resistance’ were coordinating with Kerry’s clandestine efforts to undermine President Trump’s Iran policy.”

During a recent escalation, when the Trump Administration crippled Iran’s oil-selling capabilities, Kerry apparently aligned himself with the rogue nation.

“He’s wrong about the facts, wrong about the law, and sadly he’s been wrong about how to use diplomacy to keep America safe. Secretary Kerry helped negotiate a nuclear agreement that worked to solve an intractable problem,” a Kerry spokesman said. “The world supported it then and supports it still.”

Kerry has reportedly gone on the record admitting that he has engaged in back-channeling with the rogue regime. He says the talks were not “substantial.” However, reports indicate that he has provided advice to Iranian officials about how to deal with the Trump Administration. Current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called for Kerry to stop undermining American foreign policy strategies, and the president has ushered a warning his actions may be punishable treason under the Logan Act.

“Iran is being given VERY BAD advice by John Kerry and people who helped him lead the U.S. into the very bad Iran Nuclear Deal. Big violation of Logan Act?” President Trump tweeted.

The Logan Act makes it a criminal offense to negotiate with other nations when disputes arise with the administration or Congress. Former Gen. Michael Flynn, a Trump transition team advisor, was indicted on a Logan Act technicality for merely negotiating with Russia before the presidential inauguration.

~ Liberty Planet

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