Kamala Harris Laughs at the Idea of Having to Follow the Constitution

Sen. Kamala Harris is a lawyer and as such, has no excuse for not knowing that the Constitution has put limits on a president’s power for good reason. That is why it was particularly frightening to hear her literally laugh about the fact that the gun control plan she is promising her supporters is mostly illegal.

Even those who think that gun control will stop the all-too-common mass shootings should be terrified at the prospect of electing a president who thinks that she can rule the nation by fiat.

Sen. Harris made her contempt for the Constitution apparent during the last Democrat presidential debate. When discussing her gun control plan with Vice-President Joe Biden, the former VP rightly noted that she did not have the constitutional authority to ban guns via executive order. Sen. Harris cackled in response.

If the California senator gets what she wants, her executive orders would undoubtedly be challenged in courts throughout the country — unless she packs the courts first. However, even court rulings in favor of gun control won’t necessarily ensure that these would be enforced. The state of Washington, for instance, enacted gun control laws recently, and sheriffs across the state are flatly refusing to enforce them. Sheriffs in New Mexico are looking for ways to block enforcement of gun control regulations in that state.

Unfortunately, Second Amendment rights aren’t the only constitutional liberties that Sen. Harris is intent on trampling on. Her Equal Pay plan completely ignores the fact that individuals (and companies) are to be considered innocent of wrongdoing until proven guilty in a court of law. Under a Harris administration, companies and business owners would need to prove that they are paying female employees as much as men — regardless of job differences.

The White House hopeful also supports the Equality Act, a bill passed by the House of Representatives which would make it impossible for people who hold conservative beliefs to conduct their businesses how they see fit. Christian bakers, photographers, and wedding venue sites would be forced to cater to gay couples. Medical professionals would be forced to provide treatment to transgender individuals — even if the doctors felt treatment would not be in the best interest of the patients.

The Equality Act essentially tramples on the First Amendment rights of every single conservative Christian, Muslim, and Jew in the nation. But, as Sen. Harris has made clear, the Constitution doesn’t really matter if it gets in the way of enforcing a progressive agenda.

There is a reason that the United States has a Constitution in the first place. The Founding Fathers experienced dictatorial rule firsthand, and wanted to spare their offspring the same experience. Unfortunately, Sen. Harris and like-minded Democrats can’t handle the fact that they can’t have their way all the time.

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