Lesbians Join Conservatives in Fighting Transgender Agenda

Conservatives aren’t the only ones who realize the transgender movement poses a grave threat to women’s rights. Many liberal activists are realizing it too, and they are joining forces with conservatives to stop women and children from falling victim to transgender political correctness.

The women are specifically targeting the Equality Act that the House of Representatives is likely to pass in the near future. The act would explicitly include “gender identity” as a protected class in civil rights legislation, forcing all federally-funded organizations to offer transgender individuals special protections. At present, it would go nowhere in the Senate, and President Donald Trump is highly unlikely to sign it into law even if the Senate did somehow pass it. However, many are warning that the Equality Act could one day become law if Democrats were to either take the White House or secure a very strong majority in the Senate.

Kara Danksy sits on the board of Women’s Liberation Front, a radical feminist organization. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that the Equality Act would be an utter disaster as women and girls would lose the protections they have gained under current civil rights laws. Indeed, women and girls are already in danger of losing protections as is evidenced by the fact that a number of biological girls in public schools are suing their schools for same-sex bathrooms.

Julia Beck, a lesbian activist and writer, is another liberal feminist who is warning about the dangers the transgender movement poses to women. She recently joined a panel about gender organized by the conservative Heritage Foundation, and told the horrifying story of Stephen Wood — a convicted male rapist in England who declared himself a lesbian woman and was allowed to move to a woman’s prison. Not surprisingly, he later assaulted female inmates. Furthermore, his presence in the women’s prison put young children in danger, as the prison has a mother and baby unit for children under the age of two and Stephen Wood is a known, convicted pedophile.

Hacsi Horvath, a man who once identified as a transgender woman and who now works as an epidemiologist in the University of California-San Francisco, pointed out that there are enormous gaps in scientific support for transgender theories. However, medical professionals don’t want to confront the transgender movement over them. It’s not hard to understand why given the fact that those who oppose the transgender movement face a great deal of harassment.

Beck further noted that she was removed from the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ commission over her stance on genuine feminism. Matters would only get worse if the Equality Act somehow became law as hospitals and doctors would not have the option of not following medical recommendations made by the transgender movement — even if these recommendations were not in the best interest of the patients. As Mr. Horvath accurately points out, it is impossible to fully reverse the effects of transitioning at either the social or medical level.

Conservative organizations and activists have been warning about the dangers of transgenderism for years; unfortunately, many haven’t paid attention to these warnings. However, now even many liberals are realizing that the transgender movement isn’t the next “frontier of social justice”. Instead, it has the potential to reverse hard-won freedoms that women have fought for for hundreds of years.

If the transgender movement has its way, any man will now have the right to snap his fingers and declare himself a woman and then be able to force his way into women’s bathrooms, changing rooms, showers and other same-sex facilities. Given the fact that so much is at stake, it is not surprising that many vocal liberal activists and conservative organizations are willing to put aside their differences and work together for the good of genuine women and girls everywhere.

~ Liberty Planet

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