Liberal Hollywood Excommunicates Actor for Not Actively Supporting Joe Biden

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt has once again found himself on the wrong side of liberal Hollywood for the grave crime of simply existing as a Christian in America.

Pratt was informally “cancelled” this week after a viral meme called on social media users to pick the “worst Chris.” The image featured Pratt alongside fellow Avengers Chris Evans and Chris Hemmesworth as well as actor Chris Pine. Apparently, users felt Pratt was the “worst Chris” — citing his absence from a Joe Biden fundraiser featuring the Avengers cast.

The social media backlash prompted a wave of support from Pratt’s co-stars — most notably from Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

“What a world … The ‘sinless’ are casting stones at my brother, Chris Pratt … A real Christian who lives by principle, has never demonstrated anything but positivity and gratitude …AND he just married into a family that makes space for civil discourse and (just plain fact) INSISTS on service as the highest value,” he said. “If you take issue with Chris … I’ve got a novel idea. Delete your social media accounts, sit with your OWN defects of character, work on THEM, then celebrate your humanness.”

Of course, this wasn’t Pratt’s first offense against Hollywood dogma. Pratt has previously been in the crosshairs of the blue checkmark brigade over his public Christian faith. Social media users have charged that the church he attends promotes anti-LGBTQ views. The actor has denied those claims.

“It has recently been suggested that I belong to a church which ‘hates a certain group of people’ and is ‘infamously anti-LGBTQ.’ Nothing could be further from the truth,” Pratt said at the time. “I go to a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone.”

He was also cancelled for being seen in a shirt featuring the Gadsden Flag, a historical reference to the American Revolution. That flag isn’t explicitly political, but it does celebrate America’s history — so in all fairness you are more likely to find it worn by a conservative. But that isn’t the point. All Pratt had to do was not be a stereotypical Hollywood liberal.

Pratt makes a notable decision to avoid getting into politics on social media — or seemingly anywhere else. He isn’t like other actors such as Jon Voight, who openly rebel against the Hollywood establishment with their public conservatism.

This incident once again underscores the cold truth that our culture is dominated and dictated by an ideological elite — and that elite will not hesitate to purge anyone who dares to think differently than they do.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore

99 thoughts on “Liberal Hollywood Excommunicates Actor for Not Actively Supporting Joe Biden”

  1. I guess that all you liberals just don’t get it, Christianity will win in the end and you will lose!!, these are the words of God!

          1. There is a need to separate but live among the dead by bringing our own entertainment, restaurants, libraries and such so that we can continue in support of one another. This battle is going to become ever so much more intense with time as the scriptures said 2K years plus ago. It’s an exciting time yet scary being we are finite human beings, but the battle has already been won. Hollywood is filled with empty headed, blinded simpletons that think this life is all there is so they drink, strip, drugs and do all kinds of crazy things to gain attention. They need Jesus. It’s fortunate for them that Jesus took their sin just like he did ours upon himself and conquered the sting of death when he rose again. Jesus commanded us to go unto the ends of the earth to preach his gospel of good news. These people need our prayers and our willingness to share the good news Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whatever they decide to do with this free gift is between them and the Lord.

        1. There is this great book out there “The Intolerance of Tolerance “. The most intolerant group of people are the liberal left that wants to force-feed their minority agendas down everyone’s throats! They preach that YOU must be tolerant, the hypocrisy is astounding.

        2. The Marxist ideology does not allow for independent freedom of thought. If Marxism of any kind becomes the norm throughout the world, our entire species will certainly suffer its ultimate demise.

      1. Liberal here that supports free speech for all. So glad Downey Jr. gave that response. Good for him.
        What the heck is wrong with wearing the gadsden flag?
        Even if someone did have ‘anti-lgbtq’ views, so what? That is their right. If they still treat people right, but thought gay marriage was wrong, so what? I and my friend are both liberals, non-religious, and we questioned making gay marriage legal. I was for complete civil rights Union, but not changing the definition of marriage.

      2. The Christian faith is an eternal constant which provides certainty and stability against the storms of chaos which buffet our daily lives. These weak celebs who are swept along by every wave of fashion are lost and try to to drag the steadfast along with them in their despair.

      1. God bless Chris. Hollywood cronies are so full of themselves and their sturdiness it isn’t funny. Glad Chris stands up to them.

    1. America was built on the core values of freedom of speech and religion. A melting pot of different people, different opinions.
      You should RESPECT others opinions even if they differ from yours. This Cancel culture belongs in China and other countries. Me aybe the Hollywood elite shouldn’t move to one of these many countries that don’t allow freedom of thought or speech, and then they could appreciate America.
      Our differences are what makes us strong.

      1. For a bunch of so called inclusive liberals, they send you on your way if you do not share their opinion. Come on, Pratt has been part of their elite group for sometime now and they can’t accept him now over his religion and freedom of speech. This is another example of their bigoted hypocrisy. They are so pathetic. CA is distructing itself.

    2. Amen to that. All the peoples of the world have One maker and judge, but the end belong to the choice of each individual. I am proud of you r choice, Chris.

    3. Chris Pratt your a real hero of faith. Unlike those who pretend the world has no need for GOD. Stay strong we’re standing with you. Should to shoulder.

    4. Amen It’s shameful to see how low many in our Society have fallen. Most ofbus live here so we can be free to be an individual who does not harm otherd.
      Be Kind Always in All Ways.

    5. Remember the ALAMO, John Waynes characteration, of the men and women. It took him 17 years to produce and direct. I know its a drama. But listen too the words the night before it fell. This is what I call America. As a Texan, I cry. We gave the Angels our heroes, so that Texas could be free. This could apply too our REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Take down all who hate freedom , send them vack too their hovels.PRATT, VOIGHT,MORIARITY,WEST,ALLEY AND MANY MORE ARE VERY AMERICAN. BRAVE SOULS

    6. That is the truth. What to come is going to be much worse. But I am proud of Chris for standing firm with his faith. After all, it is all about our Lord and in the end, He will win and we will win by standing with Him. Jesus is our everything. He cannot be stopped. It is a futile venture. We will be in heaven, and nothing else will ever matter after that. Those who think they have the power now, are in for a very rude awakening.

    7. The Hollywood people act like they were never educated.They all dropped out of school to become movie “stars”they are obviously selfish people

  2. I think ORGANIZED religion is a farce, anyway. But this Commie cr-p is just as bad.
    “Keep your religion out of my politics.” Nietzsche

    1. Keep your politics out of my Religion. You can take that up with your maker when you are kneeling before him, Amen, can I get an Amen.


  3. I thought this was covered under the first amendment. We don’t have to all think alike. We have a right to an opinion. Why would all these actors and actresses try to BULLY people into thinking the way they think? It makes you wonder why they are so insecure. This is why the majority of the population has been silent. When you are threatened and riots are started people become silent or you will be the next that they pick on.

    1. The rioters are being protected and kept out of jail by Communist Democrats. We stand up and the liberals punish you. So I do not think people are scared as much as you think. We just do not have the political and financial support. It takes money, organization and support from government to do what they are doing. Electiobs have consequences. Vote them out and take an interest in your country by running for office or joining the government instead of sports. Then you stop it real fast.

    2. Yep. Chris, you need a better group of friends. Most of the Hollywood elites
      can’t relate to real world people. Sit in their ivory towers and look down on us common folk.
      Not real people. Can’t see much because there is no daylight where they stick their heads.

    3. Most of Hollywood stars actually come from homes that are Christian and conservative. They get to Hollywood and are forced to go with the flow. If they don’t, they are treated the same as Chris Pratt. Hollywood needs to go away. People should not go to their movies and support them.

    4. The silence is the problem. It’s time to stand up and be counted, otherwise the left wins and America goes to socialism hell. Every person in the U.S. now probably knows how critical this 2020 election is, so I pray to God that there’s a red wave coming. The time for fear is over. The people burning down cities are cowards, and the thing with cowards is that when they are met with determined, armed resistance, they crumble. Vote RED or America is dead!

  4. There are many in Hollywood who do not support the Left Liberal Communist DemocRATS.
    When California goes Red in this election maybe Idiots like Michael Moore will get the point , that the World doesn’t revolve around them!

    1. Thank you. Hollywood is interested in one thing: MONEY. I know, because I’ve been working in it for three decades. They are all desperately trying to keep Chinese investments pouring in. China owns the studios. When Trump disconnects is with China, the overpaid “talent” will be parking cars. They’d better start saving their money.

  5. Why is it correct to sit in judgement of other people? People should stop commenting on the actions/beliefs of others and take a mirror and sit down and take a look at their own lives.

  6. The combined political intellect of the minions in Hollywood does not amount to a pimple on a gnat’s ass. Just like football and baseball players. I do not ask for their advice but get it anyway. If I want advice, I will ask the church, the first responders both police and fire. The list grows longer daily of those in Hollywood that I will even watch their movies/programs. I have not seen an NFL game on tv in over 3 yrs and have never seen an NBA game at all! The entire left coast could break off and sink and it would not be missed. I have two friends in CA and one of them is moving out!

  7. The party of “tolerance” only tolerates those who think exactly as they want them to. The left is out of control. God bless Chris Pratt for not submitting to the “dark side” just to earn a paycheck.

  8. Chris Pratt took exception to resist and fight ALL the leftist hoaxers of Hollywood. His faith and stand was a rebuke and a slap in their faces with the shame and embarassment lingering in their courts long after they threw him out of the city. The public will notice and take more pot shots at those Hollywood leftists for mockery and sport because of their shameful stupidity.

    1. Alan Alda of MASH fame hated the guy who played Radar because the actor was a Christian. This is why the Radar actor left the show. Hollywood has been practising their prejudices for awhile now. Why they think we should listen to them is what mystifies me!

  9. I admire Chris for his strong convictions. My husband and I have decided that we are not going to support liberal, nasty people by boycotting their movies. The majority of the Hollywood hypocrisy crowd are losing respect and losing their fan base. We will throw in some money to help buy them one way tickets out of the country.

  10. The most hilarious part is, these loony, left, hollyweird dictators are the one’s who call President Trump a fascist. Go figure?

  11. Ok so Hollywood can stick it and it’s pretty crappy that like 96 percent of Hollywood r that pathetic and brainwashed everyone says freedom of speech and look what happens luv u Chris Pratt !!keep it up!!we be to have a support movement for Chris Pratt he deserves it just because he didn’t follow the hiden Biden bandwagon

  12. Hang Tough, Star-Lord, and screw my ex-heroes, the Liberal “Avengers”!
    Kudos to the recently-deceased “Iron Man” for rising from his MCU grave to defend Chris “Star-Lord” Pratt!
    In reality, I would Vote for Thanos as President before I would vote foe the BIDEN/HARRIS losers! If the Democrats can f*ck up the Comic world this badly, think of what they would do to the real world. TRUMP-MAGA!

  13. Acting like a true Christian with a mind of his own, not bowing to the will of others. This is how free speech is demonstrated. There are millions of us out here, Chris, who are like you and who repect you. God bless!

  14. I’m proud of Chris Pratt the liberals want Christian’s to hide and keep silent but we have rights to. Everyone else gets to say and do what they want but they want us to be quiet , well not anymore we are Americans also and we have freedom of speech too. If you don’t like us get out of American . we will not follow Hollywood’s sgenda or the democrats socialist agenda. God Bless you Chris Pratt and others like you!!

  15. Amen brother!!!!! God will soon come . I am ready. Read the bible what is happening today is written there. God bless you Steven and God bless America. Several states already will not allow Christians to attend church .

  16. Never heard of him nor do I watch or care about anything in Unhinged HOLLY-QUEER. as fare as I’m concerned they can ALL move to China where their paychecks come from. I wouldn’t miss any of them.

  17. The price is high to be a celebrity in HOLLYWOOD. Anti- American activism , anti Christ ,hate , disrespect ,narcissism,
    Every evil immoral ,inhuman trait a person could possess is an asset in Hollywood . Money and success are controlled
    by the hand of SATAN . HOLLYWOOD HAS POISONED the entire State. CALIFORNIA will soon end up in the PACIFIC OCEAN.

    1. Hiding-Biden will have a fix for Left Coast Earth Quakes. He will spend another 100 Trillion dollars super gluing the faults together. The idiotic Green Deal will cost every American the cost of a new Electric car by 2035. Most Americans drive used cars, and most are over 10 to 15 years old. They should look at H2O a never ending fuel source and is NONE polluting. The US tried this back in the 60s but DOT band it as it was too dangerous. Technology has changed since then. Hydrogen is the most prolific element on Earth.

  18. I’m sorry Chris, Liberal Hollywood wasn’t picking on Pres. Trump so they decided to pick on you even though you weren’t there. We love you Chris. Stay Strong .

  19. Well, so much for intolerance from the party claims to be tolerant, that we are no longer allowed to have a difference of an opinion. I’m so sick of Hollywood and the people living and working in the entertainment industry that they are this country’s moral police and lecturing on how people should be treated. Especially this crowd, there are massive problems in Hollywood on how child and teen actors. Almost from the inception of Hollywood, they’ve had a pedophile problem and the verbal and physical abuse of child actors. There is a well-known manager who only work with child actors and guiding their careers. He’s been abusing and sexually assaulting his male clients for at least three decades. Well, a mother of a child actor, knew something was wrong her 8-year-old son. She just didn’t know what. His manager, adult actors, producers and passed him around like a baseball. When she was doing her sons laundry, she saw blood in his underpants. She freaked out and confronted him to what the hell was going on. He finally told he was rape and assaulted by the group who were involved in the movie he co-starred in. Why he didn’t tell her was because they had threatened him, if they went to jail, he’d becoming with them. So, he kept his mouth shut. His mother called the police officer took his statement; they eventually arrested his manager. He went on trial and was convicted and went to prison for 4 years. But when he got release, he went back to managing his clients again. They opened their arms and welcomed him back and he immediately started raping his clients again.

  20. Everyone ban together an don’t participate in any. of these Hollywood elites offering. Don’t download their music, don’t watch their movies ,don’t go to their concerts. That is when we are let out of this covid prison sentence we were given. Okay I forgot don’t watch these bias talk an late night shows. You have to ask yourself why is there such a violent opposition against a President that kept his promises an did everything he promised.

  21. Let’s Excommunicate Hollywood Liberals, they think their better then everybody else. Their nothing but a pile of doggie crap.

  22. Let’s Excommunicate Hollywood Liberals, they think their better then everybody else. Their nothing but a pile of doggie crap.

  23. Hiding-Biden will have a fix for Left Coast Earth Quakes. He will spend another 100 Trillion dollars super gluing the faults together. The idiotic Green Deal will cost every American the cost of a new Electric car by 2035. Most Americans drive used cars, and most are over 10 to 15 years old. They should look at H2O a never ending fuel source and is NONE polluting. The US tried this back in the 60s but DOT band it as it was too dangerous. Technology has changed since then. Hydrogen is the most prolific element on Earth. They should change the HOLLYWOOD sign to HOLLY-HOLE.

  24. The Un-holywood crowd is being depleted with drugs and sex. God will be the winner over their godless ways. Read the Book of Esther–The Un-holywood crowd will end up like Haman. We keep Chris in our prayers.

    1. Let me just go old school on this, and say that the day of the lord is coming and woe unto whose house does NOT follow thy GOD!

  25. There was something about mr. Pratt that I liked. Now He’s among the top of my list of actors that I respect. He shows a lot of class. He follows his conviction without the need to follow the crowd of losers.

  26. Hollywood are elite in torturing, raping & murdering kids for their adrenalized blood they love to drink because it’s their “so called” fountain of Youth.
    To hell with Hollyweird.

  27. DEFUND HOLLYWOOD!!!!! Boycott them!!! Only watch certain Movies!!!! Let’s start hurting the ones that wants to hurt us!!!! Look at the NBA ratings BAD! BAD! WooHoo hope it chases the NFL NHL and WBA

  28. i say good for you Chris Pratt. I am glad that you are not like those other stars, who do nothing but kiss butt to please everybody, like DeWayne Johnson the rock. You make me so proud to be an American, Chris Pratt. you are one of my favorite actors.

  29. UnHollyweird, God will smite thee, and rain hell fire like sodom and gomorrah. Remember them. Probably not. Your too busy taking truth, twisting it into your sleaze and selling it as art. Well, we the majority of Americans who support Chris Pratt and those who support him and don’t judge him, hereby ” cancel” you. We excommunicate you numbnuts from our lives. Cheerio!

  30. Who gives a shit about holloy wood dogma, a church that doesnt support the gay way of society, my hat comes of to them, good for them! Right is right, and wrong is wrong! There always has been, and there always will be! Dont be afraid Chris.

  31. You know, Hollywood is threatening once again to leave the country when President Trump wins his second term. So to Hollywood libs, please keep your promise this time. Just leave. I’ll help you pack, drive you to the airport, and see you off to, say, Venezuela, since you love socialism so much. Also, please, please, please take Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Biden, Obama, the Clintons, and the rest of those worthless left politicians + Romney with you. I bet it wouldn’t take any time at all to raise the money on Go Fund Me to get rid of all these slimeballs and send them packing. Oh, and don’t 4get to take the sports teams with you. AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!

  32. We will all come face to face with God. As a sonnet who believes in forgiveness and the goodness of our Lord, I truly will be hard to look Him in the face, as sorry as I can be for my sins. I cannot even fathom how Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and their lot can continue their ways. It must be that they are so proud of their ability to lie, cheat and steal, that they think they can fool God like the do with their sheep in the Democratic Party. God for give us and them and help us to heal and treat others as we want to be treated..

  33. Thank goodness for people like Chris Pratt and Robert Downey, Jr. Chris for doing his own thing in a world where people have gone stark raving mad, and Robert for sticking up for him and his right to do it! I’m right there with you. Hollywood weirdos are just that! Weird!

  34. Chris Pratt you are a good man for standing up to the hollywierd idiots and I can only guess how much this will affect your family’s livelihood. It takes a lot of guts and I admire you for for doing so.

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