Nunes: NO Difference Between the Mueller Report and the Steele Dossier

Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (Rep-CA) told America this past Wednesday that the infamous Steele dossier and the Mueller are practically synonymous.

Andrew McCarthy of the National Review has previously been the GOP’s go-to defender of the President, but Nunes had to step in to rescue him from his own lack of preparation.

During the hearing, other Republicans sought to poke holes in Chairman Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) rabid attack on President Trump with little effect.

Rep. Rick Crawford of Arkansas brought groans from the other side when he suggested the Obama administration “turned a blind eye” to Russian interference during the 2016 election in an attempt to aid Hillary Clinton.

Schiff did his best to draw attention away from the methods and intentions of the FBI by saying his Republican colleagues were trying to the people to “ignore everything Mueller has to say … because they have problems with aspects of the [surveillance] application.”

McCarthy proved surprisingly unprepared as he seemed to agree with Schiff. The former prosecutor said he didn’t believe the Justice Department or FBI officials acted “in bad faith” in seeking to surveil a Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

James Comey and others made “mistakes,” said McCarthy. However, he said, “I don’t think anyone was acting in bad faith on the FISA warrant.”

When McCarthy admitted he had not “fully” read volume 2 of the Mueller Report” and other ‘expert witnesses’ said they had not even read the Steele dossier, Nunes saved the day.

Nunes took time to point out what the Mueller Report really is. After reminding his fellow Democrats on the committee they had spent two years claiming evidence of collusion to be “more than circumstantial” only to be proven wrong he said, “The Democrats assembled us today to analyze the shoddy political hit piece known as the Mueller report. It’s written in the same spirit, and with the same purpose, as the Steele dossier, which was once championed by Democrats on this committee, but which they rarely mentioned after it was exposed as yet another Democrat-created hoax.”

Nunes said, what he termed the “Mueller dossier” had “debunked many of [Democrats] favorite conspiracy theories.”

Schiff and his cohorts in the mainstream media were proven dead wrong by none other than Mueller himself. Nunes said Mueller’s investigation found there is no evidence:

  • Carter Page conspired with Russians
  • Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange in London
  • Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to conspire with Russians
  • There were secret communications between a Trump Tower computer server and Russia’s Alfa Bank.
  • Of any mention of former NRA lawyer Cleta Mitchell, and her supposed knowledge of a scheme to launder Russian money through the NRA for the Trump campaign.

After asking why NOT ONE of these allegations is addressed in the Mueller report, Nunes said what many conservatives observers have been thinking all along, “The real purpose of the Mueller dossier, however, was to help Democrats impeach the president in the absence of any evidence of collusion.”

It is the Volume 2 of the Mueller Report that raises the most troubling questions said Nunes. Volume 2 was written by Mueller’s deputy, Andrew Weisman. Forgetting the nonexistent crime and crying obstruction is right out of Weissman’s playbook. Noted for the Enron case, Weissman’s actions in that case were unanimously overthrown by the Supreme Court but only years after thousands of people’s lives were wrongfully ruined.

Just as in former Weissman hit jobs, the Mueller Report Volume 2 is as what the editors of Redstate called a “hit job.” The playbook goes this way: make fraudulent allegations and hope justice doesn’t catch up to your client until the damage is done.

Department of Justice IG, Michael Horowitz, and Attorney General William Barr’s reports are sure to shine the light on the real collusion in what some call Russia-gate.

In the meantime, shameless leaks and deep state shenanigans have deeply affected if not ruined the lives of great public servants like General Michael Flynn.

In the Enron case, Mueller’s hatchet man, Andrew Weissman had hundreds if not thousands to gun for. Nunes has been valiant to point out Schiff, Mueller, and the mainstream media have just one in their sights – President Donald Trump.

Nunes is warning Trump supporters that the Mueller “dossier” and Democrats’ reaction to it is a preview of the real war that lies ahead.

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