Obama, Other Liberals Just Took Over Netflix

Content giant Netflix appears to have taken an extreme left turn as it changes it’s entertainment-only format to another arm of the Democratic Party.

Last year, the Obamas signed a content deal with Netflix reportedly worth upwards of $300 million. It’s no secret that the ex-president ranked among the more liberal, biased and partisan politicians to ever reside in the White House.

Netflix has embraced his left-wing ideology that unnecessarily prolonged the U.S. recession, led to a protracted war with ISIS, and massive American job loss. As everyday Americans become increasingly aware of Obama-era failure and corruption, Netflix plans to integrate liberal propaganda to infect the American consciousness. Consider the reality of the Obamas’ anticipated Higher Ground production company’s projects.

American Factory

This Obama-acquired film attempts to show China as the savior of the American working class. The product puts a Chinese billionaire on a pedestal as he scoops up a shuttered GM factory in Ohio for cheap and opens a business. The liberal propaganda piece by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert appears to be a follow-up to their The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant project that followed its closing. Viewers can expect the self-proclaimed liberals to put forward content that ignores the failed liberal trade deals that led to American manufacturing losses. Let’s put it this way … Buzzfeed gave the film a write-up.


This post-WWII is another attempt by the Obamas to drive a wedge between the races. It pushes a racist narrative in a pleasing package for liberals that white and black Americans are at odds. And, naturally, all white men are sexists. It’s a clever way to promote successes by minorities and woman while creating white men as the subtle villains holding them back. It’s a classic progressive Democrat false narrative.

Netflix appears to be more than okay with joining liberals partisans such as the Obamas. Audiences have already witnessed major events such as the Academy Awards, Emmys, and Grammys pivot left. In each case, viewership and ratings have plummeted. After these once-revered annual events took a hard left, anti-Trump turn, they suffered historic low ratings. And that fact is not lost on the content giant.

In 2018, the Netflix brand polled 15-16 points lower among Republicans and conservatives after The Break with Michelle Wolf streamed. Wolf was the so-called “comedienne” hired by the liberal media to host the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. Her crude insults led to the annual event no longer hiring comedy personalities. Recent polls now show that Netflix scores a 62.8 approval rating among Democrats and a low 41.8 percent among Republicans, according to a YouGov survey.

In the face of that anti-conservative trend, Netflix recently doubled down on its disdain for conservative-minded Americans. Audiences are now offered perhaps the most ironic, misleading and troubling liberal propaganda to date.

Knock Down the House

Netflix recently bought up a socialist Democrat documentary called Knock Down the House featuring none other than upstart New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). The liberal firebrand is presented in a glowing light intended to make everyday people believe she is the nation’s savior from itself. However, there are certain ironies the content broker has kept close to the vest.

Although AOC routinely denounces capitalism, the documentary was sold to Netflix for a whopping $10 million after reportedly being created on donations from a $28,111 Kickstarter budget. The irony of turning a massive profit on the donations of working people does not seem to be a problem for AOC or the film’s production team. The project’s executive producer, Regina Scully, is married to a hedge fund manager who reportedly owns a $400,000 train set that is housed in the couple’s summer mansion. Ironic? You can’t make this stuff up.

AOC reportedly goes on an anti-capitalism tear in the work targeting innovative, job-creating companies such as Uber. Most Americans already know she was instrumental in costing her own district 25,000 good-paying Amazon jobs and billions in tax revenue that could have improved schools. Her anti-American narrative joins others on Netflix that include Oliver Stone’s Marxist film, The Untold Story of the United States. Another project calls for the destruction of capitalism by disgraced ex-Pres. Bill Clinton’s labor secretary Robert Reich. It’s ironically called Saving Capitalism.

Shows you won’t see on Netflix include Roseanne, The 700 Club, and The Apprentice. Go figure. If Netflix wants to pander to liberals in tearing down America, conservatives can do what we do best: tune out.

~ Liberty Planet

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