Ocasio-Cortez: Draft “All Genders” for the Military, Not Just Male and Female

Not only should women be included in the draft, according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY), but “all genders should be included as well.

Showcasing an ignorance of biology and a preference for the progressive view of “you can be any gender you want from dozens of choices”, Ocasio-Cortez shared her idea for the future of the United States military.

“As long as we have a draft, I support people of all genders being drafted,” she said, during a recent Facebook live interview.

This begs the age-old question at this point: how many genders are there, according to the left?

It depends on who you ask. Check with science and biology, and you’ll find just two – male and female. Check with progressives and transgender activists, and the number can range anywhere from 10 to 50 or more. Some “genders” that activists wish to have recognized include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Gender fluid
  • Agender
  • Bigender
  • Gender non-conforming
  • Genderqueer
  • Two Spirit
  • Intersex
  • Androgynous
  • Female to Male
  • Male to Female

The list goes on for a total of 58 terms; this 2014 report from ABC news highlights some of the many gender options you now have to choose from. Even if you reject the idea of 50+ genders, you have still been assigned a new one. According to trans activists, the 99% of Americans who identify as the gender they were born with are no longer male or female, but “CIS-Male” and “CIS-Female”. The “CIS” means your gender was correctly assigned at birth, and if you were born a male, you still think you are one, and vice versa for females.

While the vast majority of Americans (as high as 99 percent of the rest of us) simply identify as male or female, progressives have begun accepting and using a variety of gender options from the list. According to transgender ideology, your gender is based on your preference, not on your anatomy. You can switch from male to female simply by deciding to do so. Once you decide you are female, you are biologically a woman, even if you were born a man, according to progressive activists.

According to Breitbart, the near-rabid embrace of the dozens of gender options (and the idea that one can change gender as well) is designed to get rid of old, outdated social norms. While only an estimated one percent of people say they are transgender, the remaining 99 percent of us should switch to using the new, enlightened approach to gender. Which is how we get boys competing (and winning) in girls track, power lifting, or even mixed martial arts events.

As progressives continue to push a trans-based agenda and politicians like Ocasio-Cortez embrace whatever the philosophy of the day is regarding gender, conservatives see men and women as equals legally, but with different abilities. Embracing a transgender ideology also means increasing regulation of society, from forcing girls to accept men in locker rooms, and shutting down complaints when men are permitted to compete in women’s sporting events – and capture both titles and scholarships formerly reserved for women and girls.

Ocazio-Cortez’s recent statements about “all genders” in the military simply falls into line with the ongoing progressive and transgender ideology. It is dangerous, it is illogical, and it should be rejected by every lawmaker with some grasp on reality.

~ Liberty Planet

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