Piers Morgan Calls out Fellow Liberals for Being “Humorless Snowflakes”

British television presenter and former CNN host Piers Morgan is calling out fellow liberals, for being humorless, intolerant snowflakes.

In an hour-long interview with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Morgan clearly states that he is a liberal — but that he believes that liberalism has become both unbearable and intolerant due to its unwillingness to accept that others may have a different point of view. He also calls out those who have ruined the professional careers of people for minor offenses and/or politically incorrect points of view.

One example he gives is that of Kevin Hart, the African-American comedian who was going to host the 2019 Academy Award Ceremony, but lost the job due to “anti-gay” tweets dating back to 2018. Morgan says that both the Oscars and Emmy Awards are moving toward no-host ceremonies due to failure to find the “perfect human” who has never offended anyone.

It’s hard not to see where Morgan is coming from. Conservatives across the nation are discovering that expressing support for President Donald Trump can impact their employment opportunities. 20% of all hiring managers have stated that they would not knowingly hire a Trump supporter. Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro, who is running his brother Julian Castro’s failing presidential campaign, recently posted a list of Trump-supporting businesses in the area he represents with the aim of encouraging people to boycott these companies or even worse.

With all of this happening, liberals aren’t just after conservatives. They also tend to go after fellow liberals who dare to cross certain boundaries. A recent example of this is the way the Democrat Party handled the emergence of photos showing then-Senator Al Franken pretending to grab a sleeping woman’s breasts. The image dated back to the days when Mr. Franken worked as a comedian but was still considered to be so unacceptable to party activists that Sen. Franken had to resign.

Piers Morgan is also right-on in stating that people are getting tired of having to be politically correct all the time, and so are gravitating to those who are willing to ignore PC culture and simply state their point of view. President Trump is perhaps the most obvious example. As Morgan points out, the move toward even more intense political correctness is likely to continue backfiring as even liberals will get tired of it. Morgan goes on to point out that, if President Trump wins re-election in 2020, it would be in part thanks to the recent “radical, socialist, snowflake” mindset exhibited by various members of the Democrat Party.

Many conservatives have felt for some time that liberals are utterly unbearable. However, it is surprising to realize that they aren’t the only ones who think that way. Even many liberals are now realizing that “liberalism” is now actually quite illiberal. It only approves of people who conform to a very stringent set of beliefs. Conservatives, independents and even moderately liberal individuals are now all targets for character assassination.

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