Republicans Push for Democrats to Pay Slavery Reparations

Cancel culture is finally coming full circle — and progressive Democrats are finding themselves on the wrong end of history once again.

As more and more people are waking up to the depredations of the Democratic Party, Republican Representatives are beginning to ask whether it is time to hold the historically pro-slavery party responsible for its contribution to racial inequality for black Americans.

A group of Republicans has introduced a bill that would ban the Democratic Party from the House of Representatives — or force them to change their name for their past ties to slavery.

“[The] Democratic Party is filled with racism and hatred,” Rep. Louis Gohmert said. “Since people are demanding we rid ourselves of reminders of slavery, then the time has come for Democrats to acknowledge their party’s bigoted past, and consider changing their name to something that isn’t blatantly tied to slavery, Jim Crow, and the Ku Klux Klan.”

To be sure, this is what internet fiends call a “troll job” — designed mainly to expose the ridiculous standards the progressive left has set for our modern culture. But it isn’t all conjecture — there are historical facts to back this up.

In recent days it’s become a bit of a cliché to say that Democrats are the real racists. For the sake of the truth, that’s unfortunate. But it’s inevitable because the truth always becomes cliché. This is due to the fact that the truth cannot be undone and is readily available to all. Lies may be able to travel around the globe before the truth gets its slippers on, but the truth is immovable.

That being the case, it might be amusing if the Democrats were to actually get what they are asking for when it comes to race relations — reparations. A cursory glance through history shows us that Democrats were, by and large, the most numerous holders of black slaves.

According to the historical researcher Dinesh Dsouza, “The Democrats were the party of slavery, and the slave-owning mentality continues to shape Democrat policies today. The Democrats like Senator John C. Calhoun invented a new justification for slavery, slavery as a ‘positive good.’ For the first time in history, Democrats insisted that slavery wasn’t just beneficial for masters; they said it was also good for the slaves.”

In an article for Fox News, Dsouza continues, “[…] northern Democrats protected slavery, while most southerners didn’t own slaves.”

It may be startling for many, even conservatives, to learn these facts. But historical records back it up. The Democrats are the proprietors of American slavery.

We can corroborate this ourselves by simply looking at the values of modern Democrats. They push for bigger government and greater government spending. They are the backers and the champions of the welfare state. All of these policies and programs are built using taxpayer money. That is money that is taken by force and coercion from those who worked to earn it and given to others who did not earn it.

If the fruits of your labor are taken from you, and you have no say in who receives them, you are in a state of slavery. That is a basic fact of reality that cannot be honestly denied or changed. It is a law handed down to us by the Creator.

As Abraham Lincoln put it, “The only substantial dispute between the parties is one side believes slavery is right and ought to be extended, and the other believes it is wrong and ought to be restricted.”

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