Robert Mueller Just Infuriated House Democrats

After U.S. Attorney General William Barr was viciously insulted by House Democrats, Special Counsel Robert Mueller thumbed his nose at their demands to testify. It became all-too-apparent that left-wing radicals had pinned their hopes on the special counsel’s report to — finally — earn a win against President Donald Trump. Those hopes crumbled when he was fully exonerated.

So far, the president has defeated every Democrat maneuver from seating conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices to travel bans and funding the border wall. When President Trump was exonerated from any wrongdoing in the 2016 elections, Democrats completely lost control of their faculties. They had every reason to believe that anti-Trump Mueller and his 12 angry Democrats would follow the coup attempts by disgraced ex-FBI director James Comey among others. House Democrats still want their pound of flesh, and Mueller simply won’t give them the public spectacle they so desire.

A.G. Barr and former White House lawyer Don McGahn already humiliated House Democrats. Following subpoenas, Democrats opened hearings with both men brushing them aside. Leading House Democrats such as New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler and California Rep. Adam Schiff appear powerless.

“Let me be clear. This committee will hear Mr. McGahn’s testimony, even if we have to go to court to secure it,” Rep. Nadler said after he blew off their subpoena.

Rep. Schiff, who repeatedly and falsely told the American public he had impeachable documents that proved President Trump colluded with Russia, recently claimed he could compel Mueller to testify before Congress.

“I feel very confident saying Mueller’s going to testify,” Rep. Schiff said. “There’s no way that he cannot, and the public won’t stand for it. I think the Justice Department knows they’re on the poorest of ground in trying to prevent his testimony.”

But Mueller’s deafening silence in both the mainstream media and U.S. House may be the straw that breaks liberal extremist voters’ backs. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Schiff among others assured their far-left supporters Pres. Trump would be ousted. Not only do they not have the evidence to impeach, but they also don’t even have the votes.

“Impeachment is a political process. If (Pelosi and Schiff) think they have a political case to make for removing him, they should go forth with that,” Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist said. “But, really this is a difficult situation for them because they have a base that got whipped up into a frenzy through false reports that they participated in and now they are wondering what happened. They put all their cards on this Mueller probe and came up with nothing, and it’s very difficult for them to deal with.”

House Democrats have been so crazed by A.G. Barr mocking their latest contempt of Congress threat and no Mueller testimony on their terms, they actually read the 400-plus-page redacted Muller report aloud in Congress. Apparently, they have nothing better to do than put on charades.

So far, there have been rumblings that Mueller might agree to testify in a private session to answer any reasonable questions. But that is precisely what Democrats do not want. Their objective is to elicit some sound bite that can be weaponized in the fake news media. If they cannot get that, as was the case with A.G. Barr, the next objective will be to paint Mueller as a traitor to the cause.

A recent “deadline” for Mueller to testify set by House Judiciary chairman Nadler passed on May 23. With Memorial Day Weekend in the books, it’s unlikely Mueller would agree to anything before June. Considering that Nadler has said he would release a transcript of any private session, Mueller could go on thumbing his nose at Democrats indefinitely.

As A.G. Barr so aptly pointed out, “It’s Bob’s call whether he wants to testify.” For all their bluster and big talk about subpoenas and contempt, the Russia witch hunt ended up gelding Democrats just ahead of Election 2020. And in case everyday Americans cannot identify that faint sound wafting in the breeze. That’s Robert Muller — thumbing his nose at Democrats every moment of every day until they do what he wants.

~ Liberty Planet

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