Transgender ‘Icon’ James Shupe Reverts Back to Original Sex

James Shupe began identifying himself as female in 2013. Several years later, he became a transgender icon upon becoming the first person in the United States to be officially recognized as having a “non-binary” gender. However, he is now making news for changing his official records to identify as male and warning fellow transgender individuals about the dangers of transgender surgery.

Shupe has also advocated in favor of President Trump’s move to prevent transgender people from serving in the United States military. He also came out against encouraging children and teenagers to embrace a transgender lifestyle, accurately noting that many young people who have mental health issues are being pushed into a lifestyle instead of being offered counseling.

As Shupe notes, sterilizing children in order to help them pretend to be a member of the opposite sex is legal and medical fiction.

This former transgender icon isn’t keeping quiet about the many reasons why he decided to switch back to his birth gender. He notes that taking hormones completely ruined his health, telling journalists that taking estrogen caused blood clots in his eyes, low bone density, bladder control problems, kidney problems, and chronic dermatology. He adds that the mental health issues that he experienced before he declared himself a woman in 2013 increased, and he wound up in the psych ward several times as a result.

Shupe says he began hearing voices that led him to believe he was an Indian woman chosen to restore a “third gender” to North America. In the end, he came to realize that his mental health issues had nothing to do with being “non-binary,” and were instead caused by sexual paraphilia, a mental health condition that causes intense sexual arousal to unusual objects. The cause of this disorder is unknown, but it can be treated via therapy and certain medications.

While Shupe takes on responsibility for making erroneous decisions and has gone to great lengths to make them right, he accurately points the finger at those who either actively encouraged him to switch genders, or who passively accepted his assertion that he was “non-binary” without questioning why.

One of the doctors he was seeing at the time gave him psychotropic drugs even though he knew that Shupe had a long history of mental illness problems. The judge who agreed to allow Mr. Shupe to identify as “non-binary” has a transgender child, and never bothered to ask Shupe why he transitioned from male to female before deciding he was “non-binary.” What is more, he faced a steep uphill climb when dealing with liberal government authorities who didn’t want to recognize that he was reverting to his original gender. He had to take the case to court in order to regain the right to identify by his birth name and sex.

Stating the obvious fact that it’s biologically impossible to change one’s gender is dangerous in today’s political climate. This is why James Shupe’s story isn’t getting widespread coverage from the mainstream media. However, Shupe clearly has no intention of hiding his experience. He was an abused child who had mental health issues from a young age, and who later was led to believe that pretending to be a woman and later “non-binary” would solve his problems. He tried out both lifestyles and found, to his dismay, that taking massive amounts of hormones didn’t improve anything.

Thankfully, Shupe finally came to his senses, and realized that embracing reality was the only way to heal from his past. One can only hope that his personal experience will help those who are considering a transgender lifestyle to change course. And, considering the political climate of the day, we have to acknowledge the incredible courage it took for Shupe to go through with this.

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