‘Trump @ War’ Pushes Powerful Facts About American Political Crisis

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States and his inauguration speech was roundly panned as among the darkest and most bleak in the nation’s history by the mainstream media. What the Washington elites and political pundits failed to realize was that Pres. Trump had no intention of embracing either major party — he was declaring war.

If you stood firmly with the Democratic party, the GOP or were a member of the Deep State that siphoned off millions at the expense of the American people, that was certainly your darkest hour. The recently released full-length documentary by political strategist Steve Bannon provides powerful insight into the Trump phenomenon.

The 116-minute film streamed by The Western Journal is deftly titled “Trump @ War” because he won the highest office in the land in spite of the Republican Party, in spite of the Clinton political machine, in spite of the Deep State spying and undermining the campaign, and in spite of the left-leaning, fake news media.

From Inauguration Day until this day, the world has witnessed “Trump @ War” and Bannon’s unabashed account of the populist movement will make your heart beat fast and blood rush. It smacks the face of the Washington swamp while delivering a stern warning that the war for America is far from over.

The Liberal Elites

Up until the 2016 elections, the biased liberal media was complacent to ignore GOP successes, justify their cult-like obsession with Obama, and distort facts to the benefit of Democrats. After all, the left-leaning media are mostly comprised of loyal Democratic voters. But “Trump @ War” pulls back the veil and exposes media outlets such as CNN for what they have long been — propaganda.

CNN host Don Lemon and others are shown demonizing not just the president, but his supporters on national television. The pure hatred for the Americans who disagree about policy surfaces in this documentary in a way that is inescapable. The mainstream media openly despises conservative Americans calling them lazy, stupid, uninformed and racist.

Prominent figures in the Democratic Party, so-called experts, and the celebrities the DNC trots out to fill its coffers are shown calling for violence against fellow Americans. As Bannon’s film points out, these are dangerous times and voters should be very concerned about Democrats regaining power. In “Trump @ War,” the sugar-coating by CNN, MSNBC and others is removed. Liberals are not acting in self-defense as the media lies nightly. They are unified in perpetrating violence. The film does not lie.

The Facts About Racism

During his inaugural speech, Pres. Trump rumbled off facts that went grossly under-reported. The facts about race and the Obama Administration are that African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans were far more economically challenged than when the first Black president took office.

Unless you watched the address live, you would not have known that Pres. Trump called these conditions unacceptable and vowed to uplift all Americans. With historic lows in unemployment for these demographics, Pres. Trump has put hard data on the table. Still, the fake news media calls the administration racist on a regular basis.

The documentary drives home the point that the media refuses to report on the facts that disprove its own false narrative. Pres. Trump and the media are at war and their willingness to mislead supports the claim they are the “enemy of the people.”

The War On Terror

As Steve Bannon once said, he sometimes “runs a little hot.” When it comes to taking on arguably the most under-reported news story in American history, his film blazes.

With cuts back to liberal analysts agreeing with Obama that ISIS is like a “JV basketball team” to the failed president’s later claim that fighting ISIS would be a “generational struggle” it becomes apparent that critical debate was simply absent. Obama suggested that America’s sons and daughters, their sons and daughters and even the generation after that would fight and die against ISIS. Obama had allowed ISIS to re-establish a physical caliphate the size of Ohio.

In this film, you will see the terse reaction by Pres. Trump that he will wipe out “Radical Islamic terrorists” from the face of the Earth. The same news media that endorsed Obama’s generational struggle refused to write headlines when Pres. Trump eliminated the caliphate in just four months.

The Tough Road Ahead

It’s no coincidence that Steve Bannon releases “Trump @ War” just ahead of the mid-term elections. The hard-driving documentary makes the case that should Democrats regain power in Congress, they will move to impeach and take power away from everyday people. If the left succeeds, Americans can expect higher taxes, high unemployment, open borders, more sanctuary cities and political activist posing as U.S. Supreme Court justices. Everything is on the line in “Trump @ War.”

~ Liberty Planet

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