U.S. Troops Mobilize: Trump Isn’t Messing Around with Iran

Escalating tensions with Iran prompted the U.S. to scramble fighter jets and position a troop buildup in the Middle East in what appears to be a harbinger of war.

Officials at the Pentagon recently disclosed that the rogue regime has engaged in a plan to attack the U.S. and its peace-keeping partners in the region. An investigation into recent bombings of oil tankers in the United Arab Emirates region and rocket assaults in Iraq have been traced back to Iran and its proxies.

“We have been able to empty the enemy’s (US) capacity for war. You see the decline and crash of the enemies’ speech,” Iranian Major General Hossein Salami said. “Today, Iran is an absolute power of the region.”

In April, President Donald Trump officially branded the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terror organization based on its jihadist activities and support of organizations that wage violence against civilians. The radical Islamic nation has cowardly hidden behind the extremists it funds to do evil in the world.

The U.S. already positions more than 70,000 peace-keeping forces in the Middle East, a Navy base in Bahrain, as well as an Air Force base in Qatar. The additional soldiers will join 5,200 in Iraq and upwards of 2,000 in Syria. President Trump plans to hold the terror-sponsor accountable, and more than 1,500 additional troops and a dozen more fighter jets are prepared to bring Iran to its knees.

“This is truly operations driven by intelligence,” Vice Admiral Michael Gilday reportedly said. “I’m not reverse engineering this. The Iranians have said publicly they were going to do things. We learn more through intelligence reporting. They have acted upon those threats, and they’ve actually attacked.”

Congressional Democrats such as Washington state’s Rep. Adam Smith continue to second-guess the White House on policy in the Middle East. During the Obama years, military strategies would be disclosed to the public and telegraphed to enemy forces weeks and sometimes months in advance.

“Without a clearly articulated strategy, adding more personnel and mission systems seems unwise, and appears to be a blatant and heavy-handed move to further escalate tensions with Iran,” Rep. Smith said.

The Trump Administration responds to enemy aggression in kind and without warning.

But House Democrats are sidestepping the realities that America’s closest ally in the Middle East has been actively combating Iran’s efforts to expand terror in the region. In 2018, Israel sent what some are calling a “not-so-subtle message” to the rogue regime. Israel struck at Iran’s border-crossing infrastructure and the Shiite Iraqi militias it funds. The Israelis apparently had intelligence that Iran planned to use the militias to extend power into Syria and access oil. President Trump has leveled crippling economic sanctions against Iran.

During the past few years, Israel has demolished missile facilities and upended ground efforts by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to move arms between Iran and Syria. Until recently, Israel has almost single-handedly led the charge to mitigate Iran’s warmongering capabilities. The recent U.S. military buildup puts Iran on notice that its entire military infrastructure could be leveled in a matter of hours.

“We wanted to make sure we addressed three things to mitigate the risk of miscalculation,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford said. “One, we wanted the Iranians to know that if they did anything, it would be attributable to them. No. 2, we wanted them to know that we had the capability to respond in the event that deterrence fails, and that was the force elements that we sent in on the weekend of the 3rd to the 5th of May. And the last was to make sure those force elements then were a manifestation of our will to respond.”

U.S. military strategists have reportedly considered increasing the troop buildup by as many as 10,000 soldiers and support personnel. The president has already diverted an aircraft carrier strike group and a wealth of Patriot missiles.

President Trump has been crystal clear about the consequences of further Iranian aggression in the region. The president reportedly said it would mean “the official end of Iran.”

~ Liberty Planet

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