Why are Liberals Boycotting Whole Foods All of the Sudden?

Furious liberals who either can’t read or don’t want to make the effort began calling for a boycott of Whole Foods after Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell announced that he was named Whole Foods Magazine’s 2019 person of the year for his work on legalizing industrial hemp.

While it’s understandable that progressives would be irate that an organization would dare to recognize someone they hate as much as the Senator from Kentucky, they went and targeted the wrong company. Whole Foods Market is completely separate from Whole Foods Magazine. The two business entities have never had anything to do with each other and have nothing in common except a name.

Even so, facts didn’t get in the way of furious liberals taking to Twitter to voice their disgust. Users questioned if the store was Russian, even though it’s common knowledge that the high-end grocery chain was bought out by Amazon creator Jeff Bezos two years ago. Some called the food foul names, others said they would never shop there again, while still others vilified the grocery chain as a “corrupt Republican corporation” devoted to “wannabe dictator.”

Some social media users began retelling all the horrible rumors about how badly Jeff Bezos treats his workers, and then meshed these rumors with their opinion of the Republican Party. Anyone listening to the mob would surely come away thinking that Whole Foods was the evil empire — a horrible corporation that serves an oppressive government regime. Granted, a few Twitter users tried to point out to the enraged mob that Whole Foods Magazine is not the same as Whole Foods Market, but few stopped to listen and the outrage continued.

Indeed, Whole Foods Market has been frantically telling anyone who will listen that it is not (and never has been) affiliated with Whole Foods Magazine, but it remains to be seen if anyone will listen to the grocery chain’s desperate PR department.

Unfortunately, Whole Foods isn’t the only business to face public fury over something it never did. A few months ago, a rumor started on Twitter that Olive Garden had donated money to President Trump’s re-election campaign. Furious liberals called for a boycott of the restaurant chain even as Olive Garden tried to explain that the chain has never donated money to presidential candidates. At the same time, companies and individuals that have dared to actually donate money to President Trump have been vilified for daring to express their political preference.

Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Democrat politician who runs his brother Julian’s presidential campaign, took to Twitter some time back to dox Republican donors in his hometown, announcing to the whole world that a number of local businesses and individuals have committed the “horrible crime” of donating large sums of money to President Trump. Liberals raged against the named parties, but in the end the social media rant led to local conservatives declaring that they would go out of their way to do business with the Trump donors.

Democrats like to say they are the party of tolerance, but the facts on the ground make it clear that this is far from the case. Every time a rumor arises that some business entity is supporting a Republican politician, progressives freak out and call for the business to be destroyed. What’s more, many of those who are eager to boycott anyone who doesn’t agree with them don’t even take the time to make sure the “offending party” has committed the “offense” in the first place.

Sadly, the nation is becoming more polarized than ever, and even the slightest whiff of political incorrectness is enough to set off a mob that will stop at nothing to ruin the object of its fury.

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