Woman Denied Housing for Being a Conservative

Pardes Seleh, like many sensible young people, recently began looking for a townhouse or apartment that she could share with roommates in order to save rent money. After all, she lives in Washington DC, a city that is well known for its steep rents. However, she was surprised to discover that potential roommates and landlords alike are refusing her for the simple reason that she spent two months as a Fox employee.

The refusal letters, which Ms. Seleh has posted on her social media channels, makes it clear that her inquiries into two different housing opportunities are being turned down simply because those on the receiving end of these inquiries did some research into her background, discovered that she is conservative, and then decided that they didn’t want to live with her.

Naturally, many people would react with fury in such a situation. After all, housing is a basic need. It is also worth noting that Washington DC’s Fair Housing Law explicitly forbids discriminating against people based on political affiliation. Seleh may be well within her rights should she decide to take legal action against those who have denied her housing. However, she is clearly taking the high road and not only refusing to file lawsuits but also urging her social media followers to refrain from being vindictive.

Seleh clearly states that she believes that, in the Land of the Free, people have the right to choose who they want to live with, and that she understands why potential roommates wouldn’t want to live with someone who opposes their points of view. She has even found some humor in the situation by publicly inviting progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has publicly complained about the high rents in Washington DC, to be her roommate. Even so, the ordeal has taken a toll on her and she is now in Florida taking a few days off as she decides what to do next.

While Ms. Seleh is refusing to allow the situation to upset her and is urging her social media followers to remain calm, “tolerant” Democrats are already venting their fury at her. One has called her a “snowflake” simply because Seleh is frustrated that she cannot find a reasonably-priced housing situation due to her political affiliation and past employment record. Another complained that Seleh is attempting to rile people up by explaining her situation. However, as Seleh tactfully notes, people who follow her on social media do so because they are interested in her life, and her struggle to find a place to live is a part of her life.

In times past, political affiliation was never considered to be a reason to turn away a potential roommate. Landlords and tenants alike were far more concerned with finding clean, responsible people who would care for the property and pay the rent on time than looking for “politically correct” tenants and roommates. Unfortunately, times have changed, and not for the better.

Seleh is not the only one to get a cold shoulder from roommates and tenants; in fact, a conservative Harvard student recently faced the threat of eviction when her roommates searched through her personal belongings, discovered she was a legal gun owner and then complained to the apartment manager.

As Seleh has made clear to journalists and social media followers, she is not a far-right activist. She is willing to live and let live, and would be happy to room with people who don’t agree with her political viewpoints. Unfortunately, not everyone in Washington DC is willing to look at the world in such a tolerant light. In fact, it is so-called liberals who supposedly embrace tolerance and diversity who are unwilling to share a house with a responsible roommate simply because that roommate isn’t a full-fledged liberal.

~ Liberty Planet

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