Yale Newspaper: White Male Students Must Be Watched at All Times

Yale Daily News editor Isis Davis-Marks recently made the astounding assertion that white male students at Yale should be surveilled 24/7 because they’re just that dangerous.

The article calls for fellow students to catch real or perceived indiscretions, document them, and use them to either prevent the unsuspecting men from getting good jobs upon graduation or to wreck their careers at a later date.

In an article titled “Evil is Banal”, Davis-Marks notes that Yale graduates often go on to great things. Those graduating from this prestigious educational institution could very well become CEOs or even presidents — powerful positions that could influence the lives of millions of people in the country or even around the world. However, instead of rejoicing that white male students may have great opportunities and encouraging her others to pursue greatness as well, Davis-Marks states that graduates who make politically incorrect missteps at university must be stopped ahead of time.

The editor then pushes the idea that white male students (and seemingly only white male students) should be watched at all times so that those who make mistakes while in university don’t reach their career goals in the future. Her article specifically references the infamous Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, where the now-active Supreme Court Justice was accused of assaulting a female student thirty years ago. With no conclusive evidence provided, most Senators opted to use the Constitutional standard that a person is innocent until proven guilty — and Justice Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court. The irks many liberals and feminists to this day, even as Kavanaugh sides with the left on issues like abortion.

The call to surveil white students 24/7 is alarming for a number of reasons. First of all, it seems that only white male students are being singled out. While white men are certainly capable of wrongdoing, they are surely not the only ones who make politically incorrect comments, make fun of people, drink too much, or even commit more serious offenses. Discrimination against people based on their gender and/or skin color is not something that any free country should embrace, and there is no evidence that white males are more likely to engage in criminal activity than males of any other ethnicity. Furthermore, invading someone’s privacy simply because that person is white, male and/or successful is bound to make life worse for everyone as those who are being continually watched may decide to use the same Draconian surveillance methods on others.

Another disturbing of all of this is the fact that comments and actions that are acceptable today may not be acceptable twenty or thirty years in the future. A qualified person who could very well help change the world for the better may lose the opportunity to do so because of comments made at a time when social standards were wildly different. Unfortunately, Davis-Marks and those who agree with her clearly haven’t taken the time to seriously consider this.

Unfortunately, calls to harass white men aren’t just limited to Iris Davis-Marks; they are becoming more commonplace in university culture as a whole. Some students at Pennsylvania’s Dickinson College are stating that white boys should not be allowed to speak about their experiences or share their political opinions publicly. Georgetown Professor Christine Fair has called for white men to be castrated and executed while former Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello-Maher has called for white genocide.

Discrimination is wrong on any level. People should be judged by the content of their character rather than their gender or skin color. Unfortunately, discrimination is rearing its ugly head once again, and this time it is white men who are facing potential harassment from the radical left. The call to continually watch white male students and document any slip-ups they may make is not only unethical but even illegal. Unfortunately, those who are more concerned about being politically correct and preventing conservative men from reaching positions of power don’t really seem to care about the methods they use to reach their goals — or even the fact that these methods could backfire at some point in the future.

~ Liberty Planet

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