Democrats Just Staged a Pointless, 7-Hour Climate Change Townhall

President Donald Trump wasn’t on stage at the recent marathon Democrat Climate Townhall, but he certainly won it hands down thanks to the fact that the Democrats on stage couldn’t help repeatedly showing how crazy they all are.

The event, which droned on for an exhausting seven hours, makes it clear that many of the Democratic presidential wannabes have dangerous ideas that would completely refashion America for the worse.

Sen. Bernie Sanders stood out for his horrific comments promoting population control via abortion. When a liberal voter in the crowd asked the senator if he would be “courageous enough” to “educate everyone about the need to curb population growth” in order to combat climate change, his answer was an enthusiastic yes. He then told the crowd that, to this end, he would strongly support U.S. funding for women in developing countries who wanted to murder their unborn children.

The octogenarian socialist’s comments were not lost on savvy Twitter users who pointed out that, in essence, Sen. Sanders is promoting eugenics. Unfortunately, the Vermont senator wasn’t the only one making inane statements as the night went on.

Sen. Kamala Harris, ever eager to look like a polished legal expert, promptly told the crowd that, as president, she would sic the Justice Department on oil and gas firms. She also said she would work to abolish the Senate filibuster in order to get the Green New Deal passed. Naturally, the junior senator from California failed to mention the fact that, in order to abolish the filibuster, the Democratic Party would need to win control of Senate first.

Nearly all the Democratic candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Julian Castro, told the crowd that they would seek to either heavily tax the use of or completely eliminate fossil fuels. Naturally, the same candidates failed to tell the crowds what would happen if the entire nation switched over to renewable energy sources in the next ten to thirty years.

Europe uses green energy, and residents of the continent spend up to four times as much on utility costs as those living in the United States. A fossil fuel tax would not automatically eliminate gas-powered vehicles overnight. Instead, the increased cost of gas would be passed down to consumers — which is exactly what sparked the “yellow vest” riots in France. Poor people would not be able to travel to and from work, as they would not be able to afford the gas to do so. The cost of food would rise spectacularly as it would cost more to transport food to stores throughout the United States. To make matters worse, millions of good jobs in the fossil fuels industry would be lost. While Democrats promise that “green jobs” would make up for the lost jobs in the energy sector, it’s hard to believe such a promise without a sensible plan to back it up.

Furthermore, “renewable energy” isn’t really as eco-friendly as it is made out to be. Steel, which is used to construct windmills and electronic vehicles, must be made with coal. Electronic vehicles, which must be charged on a very regular basis, derive their electricity from plants powered by fossil fuels. Replacing these plants would be insanely expensive, especially since many of the Democratic candidates also oppose what is perhaps the only realistic solution to the problem: nuclear energy plants.

Not surprisingly, the dialogue worsened as the evening wore on. Biden was attacked for presenting a climate plan that cost “only” $1.6 trillion, while Sanders was praised for presenting a plan with a price tag of $16 trillion. When Sen. Amy Klobuchar, one of the few “moderate” Democrats in the race, stated that it was important to tell the American people where the money to combat climate change would come from, the media made it a point to let everyone know that Greenpeace has given Sen. Klobuchar a C+ for her climate change plan.

In short, it’s not hard to see how independent voters and even many moderate candidates would wind up giving President Trump another term in office just to maintain stability and a sense of normalcy.

That’s right: vote Trump to keep things normal — that’s where the Democratic Party is right now.

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