The Trump Doctrine is a Foreign Policy Flexing Might, Not Military

President Donald Trump has lived up to his campaign promises, and his foreign war policy has ushered in a doctrine that mystifies critics and exposes Democrats as warmongers.

In the age of Trump, the United States has rebuilt its military, but prefers to flex other aspects of its might. America’s enemies would be wise not to test the resolve of President Trump, because his “live and let live” policy can quickly turn to “bomb the hell out of them” when crossed. It’s a complex doctrine rooted in everyday American commonsense.

The recent withdrawal from northern Syria prompted Democrat warmongers to throw shade at the president for abandoning the Kurds, a pretend ally. The facts are that the Kurds reside in Turkey and Syria, and are now armed rebels thanks to Obama handing them military hardware. They fought ISIS when the extremists tried to take the region — no friend to the U.S., we all simply had a common enemy. The U.S. withdrawal sidestepped a military confrontation with Turkey, the region’s legitimate government. As President Trump promised during the run-up to the 2016 election, he would avoid endless and unnecessary wars. Fights between Kurds, Turks, and Syrians, amount to local disputes — not American problems.

Rather than put America’s sons and daughters in harm’s way or spend billions on foreign wars that do not serve U.S. interests, the Trump Administration leverages economic power. Sanctions, tariffs, and leader-to-leader communication are tools of the new world order. It may seem a little murky until you understand how it garners success.

Consider for a moment, the United States has been involved in conflict since World War II. After the victory over Japan and defeat of Hitler, the Cold War sucked the country into bloodlettings in Korea, Vietnam, and an economically crippling nuclear arms race. The country’s lack of energy independence forced previous administrations to negotiate with oil-producing terrorists in the Middle East and communist dictators in Venezuela. America operated from a position of weakness as Obama’s kowtowing, apology tour, and groveling before lesser world leaders embarrassed the country. Although Democrats and their friends in the fake news media try to push the “chaos” narrative about the Trump Administration, the master plan is coming into view.

President Trump and the GOP pushed through a massive military rebuilding package that made the U.S. armed forces frighteningly equipped for war. The president dropped the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) on a seemingly impregnable terrorist stronghold and unleashed hell on Syria for using chemical weapons on civilians, including children.

“We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents,” President Trump said at the time, noting the U.S. had “marshaled their righteous power.”

When Syria tested the White House a second time, the response escalated exponentially. And therein lies the Trump Doctrine use of military force: the response is no longer “proportional.”

That notion was adopted for decades by previous presidents, with the exception of Obama who failed to respond when his “red line” was crossed. Under Trump, military strikes are overwhelming, disproportional and, inevitably, deliver a heightened deterrence that enemies cannot calculate in advance. But taking life remains a last resort for President Trump. When Turkey hit civilian Kurd villages, the president sent a personal note stating the administration would destroy their economy unless a ceasefire was promptly brokered. Fighting tamped down within hours. If everyday Americans are curious why other presidents did now use economic might over bombs and bullets, it’s because they lacked an understanding of the playing field.

The America First policies restored the country to the top world economy and achieved energy dominance for the first time in more than 50 years. This year, the country has enjoyed an oil surplus. This fact and the booming economy put the White House in a position of strength. Middle Eastern dictators, extremists, and communist strongmen can no longer negatively impact American life. The president’s strategic economic and military planning allows him to implement a foreign policy based on peace and prosperity that does not result in the loss of American lives. The U.S. military remains an ominous threat.

The Trump Doctrine is as American as mom and apple pie. We chose peace, stay out of our neighbor’s drama. But harm the innocent, or kill one of our own, and our enemies risk the full brunt of the most powerful military in the history of the world. America is truly great again.

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