This ‘Antifa Activist’ Could Become the Next Mayor of Portland

Sarah Iannarone, a self-proclaimed Antifa member who has proudly stated “I am Antifa” on her social media account, is running for mayor in Portland.

The election, which is set for November, could spell the difference between a city that is still trying to hold onto a semblance of law and order and a disaster zone run by a far-left zealot.

Portland’s next mayor could become a woman who shut down traffic after President Trump won the presidential election in 2016, and has told news outlets that peaceful protests “might not necessarily move the conversation forward.”

Picking between current Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Sarah Iannarone may not seem like much of a choice on the surface. However, there are important differences between the two candidates. Mayor Wheeler, citing First Amendment concerns, has allowed protestors from both sides of the political aisle to demonstrate on city property. Sarah Iannarone, on the other hand, vows that she won’t allow “hate groups” inside the state. And we all know that this is just code for “right-wing.”

The premise is scary given the fact that the far-left has classified a wide range of groups as “hate groups,” including top-tier conservative law firms. Mayor Wheeler is eliminating a couple of police units and reducing police funding. Sarah Iannarone’s campaign platform pledges that she will “demilitarize” the response to current protests, essentially leaving police unarmed as they face violent rioters.

Other notable aspects of her platform include a pledge to declare a climate change emergency, provide free transit for everyone in the city, create tenant-friendly laws that all but ensure landlords will either sell their real estate or allow it to sit vacant instead of renting it out to potentially delinquent tenants, provide guaranteed income to the poor, etc.

Not surprisingly, Sarah Iannarone intends to tax the “rich” to pay for her generosity to the less fortunate. The move has been tried before and it typically results in the “rich” simply leaving town while the middle and lower-class workers feel the pain of living in a city that cannot generate enough tax revenue.

At present, it’s hard to gauge just how much support Iannarone has. Wheeler won the initial mayoral election while Ms. Iannarone came in a distant second. However, Mayor Wheeler’s failure to win more than 50% of the vote had led to a November run-off election between the two candidates.

One poll indicates that each candidate has about a third of the city’s support while a third remains undecided. If this is true, then a handful of Portlanders hold their city’s fate in their hands — and that’s scary enough for us.

87 thoughts on “This ‘Antifa Activist’ Could Become the Next Mayor of Portland”

  1. Difficult to accept the facts that there are so many low life asses that are antifa terrorists destroying their own Freedom & Rights and real dumb asses that would vote for these sub human cesspool stench of dictator scum ! There is only one solution for war creating U.S. enemies & that commands antifa terrorist’s demise by any means !

      1. Unbelievable. That something like a communist, would actually have a chance in the most powerful democratic republic on earth. Its inconcievable. If this happens and Trump wins election, he should send in a division of the US military, to put down this horrible rebellion. A rebellion of Marxists against America.

          1. I live here, its true. We have this psycho, Ted Wheeler and another democrat to choose from on the ballot, not one Republican or independent. God help us.

    1. Unfortunately there are some people in this country that will support these Marxist domestic terrorist that riot..terrorize..attack innocent people…destroy private..public and government property and who want a heavy handed..boot on your neck controlled by them….they c are nothing about equality or race or freedom or liberty…..

      1. The Police in these infected cities have their hands tied by the Leftist Democratic leaders(?). Thank our Founding Fathers for the Bill of Rights especially the Second Amendment, this drives the CommieCratic Party absolutely NUTS. Though the one that made the News was of a couple standing on their own porch holding firearms(not pointed at anyone) while a bunch of terrorists who Illegally entered the development by tearing down the GATE.
        Guess who got arrested? The homeowners who NEVER pointed a weapon at any of the Criminals. To me these
        members of the police should be thrown off the force and tried for false arrest.

      1. Or …. Turn the page and get a better candidate – one who believes in our country and law and order. Yep, that means change from decades of leadership who have created this mess. VOTE Republican and support the Constitution and all this country is made of!

      1. I agree that’s what should happen if Antifa totally controls Portland. Send in the department of justice along with a division of the military to crush antifa and arrest the mayjor

        1. I have to disagree here. The one thing that separates us from the rest of the Nations, is that each State is a Nation that Voted to join the Union. The Federal Government has only extremely Limited Law Enforcement ability without the CONSENT of the State. With the exception of violations of Federal Law, crimes that cross State Lines.
          The Citizens of Portland voted for a Socialist Government, let them enjoy the fruits of their choice. The Education system at all levels picks Socialist candidates to educate the children/young adults to be good little Marxists. Not just in the Western States but ALL of them if parents do NOT pay attention to what happens in the Classroom regardless of Edu. level.

          1. John, you are correct except for one thing. The effects of a socialist government in any state does cross state lines! It not only negatively affects those states around it, it has a national effect. Said state has senators and representatives in congress, working to negate the Constitution, and influencing actions and decisions that affect the entire nation. This alone gives the president authority to take action. This nation was built on certain principles that are not to be compromised. Some things need to be changed. Some do not. No one has the right to tear down our democracy. Anyone who seeks to do that needs to seek a country that is more to their liking – not change our country to suit themselves!

    2. Where on earth do they come from? Do they have any idea how a Country survives together in peace? They need to be re-educated on how to live in civil society. I hope the voters know better than to pour gasoline on the flames already set in Portland. The rest of the Country will not put up with their anarchy. Antifa and BLM are outnumbered by millions. They need to know what their group really represents. I doubt any of them know the truth.

    3. and they are stupid enough to vote her in, west coast is nothing but dumb asses,kim needs to nuke it,let it burn thats what they like

    4. “sub-human, cesspool, stench of dictator scum!” (I’m gonna use this; I’ll add one word just for emphasis: ΅…miasmic stench of…”)

  2. If this is who they vote in, let them suffer the consequences. For those who have had enough, exercise your right to vote. Otherwise, don’t complain. Don’t be surprised if your right to vote is on the horizon as the next target for the cancel culture. So exercise it while you still can. And do it at the polls. Eliminate any opportunity for mishandling this precious freedom. Let your voice be heard. Then, either enjoy or suffer the consequences.

    1. I agree totally . I cannot believe the Portland population even considering what has transpired there . Either they are uneducated , trying to appease the Antifa after the terrible things that happened , I really don’t know .
      Fake news or not , this is a time in the USA for true patriotic Americans can get out and make thier voices heard and make sure that these domestic terrorist types all need to be jailed and have counseling to fix thier obvious mental disturbances .

      1. This is the time for real Americans to get out and shoot this low life out of existence. Afraid there are no real Americans any more. They had been invented by Hollywood Jews in old good times. Now the Negroes rule Hollywood while the Hollywood Jews indulged in pedophilia and licking black added. So do the rest of white Americans sunk in Sodom and Gomorrah. Will be burned to ashes by betrayal of GOD who gave them everything.

  3. It would be interesting to ask the first question of these people. When did you start on drugs and are you still on them? Their brains are completely addled and as I predicted eons ago HERE COME THE RESULTS.

    1. I’m curious Sol, who are you being so friendly toward? Clearly, one of the compassionate people in tbe world. And Dr of what, dumbassness. Please enlighten us

    2. Sol has clearly been taking too much sol for his own good. Like so many leftards he is filled with hate, and probably hates himself for being such a failure in life.

    3. Sol, wow, you need to be very honest with yourself today because as of now it sounds like youre standing on the side of this mayor and her socialist ideals. I would encourage you to take some time and study what socialism and communism has done to the people who live in such countries. You think that youre going to get something but they’ll just take what you have. If you want something go work for it.

  4. Americanism Forever! Socialism Never!

    Sarah Iannarone is just another socialist, man-hater leftist. Yes, there needs to be a national dialogue on the political group that discriminates against guys.

  5. Is there someone in the Portland area to write in on the ballot that would be better than the two that are currently running? If so push/publish their name/s so Portland knows who they are & defeat both listed on the ballot.

    1. Ray: Oops! Apparently you’ve become so excited that you did a “Biden1” He too, has a tendency to be confused with state & city locations. The woman in question, her photo is above, is vying to be the “Antifa” Mayor of Portl,and, Oregon. Of course, Seattle also has had its incursion of Antifa, But, Ray, please don’t jump ahead of political announcements, the subject here, today, is the intention of the Iannarone woman to run for Mayor of Portland, Oregon, which has been a city cursed with Antifa presence and destruction.

  6. If the citizens of Portland.OR. are stupid enough to vote for this self pronounced Antifa member to be their mayor, they deserve to live in the same type of shit hole Commiefornia has become.

  7. Does anyone remember the Movie encounter of the 3rd Kind? Do you remember the scene when the military used this sleeping agent on the population to remove them from that area? Well if such a chemical does exist we need to use it on these protesters burning down our country. When they wake up they will find themselves deep in the Venezuelan jungle. Put incrimination paper work in their pocket and let them see how Communist treat dissidence.

    1. I would rather the military go down into the far corners of the basement where the chemical weapons are kept and dust off their left over mustard gas from WW1 and spray it on Portland. Some choice for mayor, an incompetent idiot supported of Antifa/BLM or a full fledged Antifa wimp. Portland is a lost cause. If there are any normal people in that city, NOW is the time to get out. Think about this, no matter how a city is supplied to sustain itself, everything is moved on a truck at one time or another. Doesn’t matter if supplies come in on air plane or train, it still requires a truck to get the supplies to a distribution point. Truck drivers, as well as their employers, have already they will NOT deliver in any city the has no police force, and the police force in Portland is being dismantled right now. I’m not stating my own personal opinion. There’s a major truck company, one of the largest in the country, that has already stopped doing business in Minneapolis. Portland and Seattle will also be losing truck support.

      1. Wilddog: God bless those truckers too…I see them daily navigating corners and I pray thanks to the Lord for them. What a tough job. They need our appreciation.

  8. These 3 stooges ” california , oregon , washington ” deserve this type of evil ! It’s everything they wanted . If they want a true leader they know just what to do ! Vote Republicans Amen .

  9. Seem like this city will soon be without everything for daily living. Except drugs! Company will refuse to ship food supply to Portland. And these people will surely be hungry and starving. Don’t BLAME the other part of the country for your mistake. So if you people want to live under ANTIFA RULE, THAT YOUR CHOICE! But don’t expect us to help you!

  10. Portland has ALWAYS and will FOREVER be a complete shit hole of uneducated brainless shit asses. The entire government is ran by drug addicts, spineless cowards.They deserve what they vote for.ENTIRE city government is so pathetically corrupt it will ALWAYS be ran by cowardly, gutless, democratic stupidity.

  11. After more than 30+ years of Democrats running Oregone, this is how it ends…
    the state down the toilet & the dems thinking their doing a good job, stupid ASSES, you can thank the school system for this .

    1. The people of Portland can take their city back with write in votes; they just need to choose a candidate that many of them know, perhaps from a previous election. Citizen’s arrests might be helpful too if the citizens can get their heads out of the sand and turn in their neighbors or their neighbors’ kids or anyone they see committing a crime; it is past time to take action and stop the socialists from taking over our nation, city by city, state by state.


  13. Isn’t there any Republicans, independents and upset, fed up, democrats had all they can take of this bunch of idiots running, ruining your city? Im sure there are plenty of folks more than willing to save your city. The beginning of knowledge is not wisdom, it is like allowing a child play with a loaded gun. so obviously your elected officials are not even playing with a full deck let alone enough knowledge to run anything . They are two faced in that they do not care if innocent people get killed, businesses and homes get destroyed as long as it doesn’t affect them. run them out of town on a rail to San Francisco or Napa Valley to live with the queen of total ignorance and a terrible hair style. A CHILD OF UNCLE SAM

    1. Don: BTW the ‘queen of total ignorance’ came away from that salon with highlights as well…didn’t see that mentioned in the press.

  14. Al , They are caught up with all this BS about Free Stuff ! Their minds ,if they have any left are Corrupted and they don’t realize that if this goes the way the Democrats want it to , They will be Next in Line to suffer the same treatment that the People of Venezuela are facing right now ! Without Capitalism , this country is doomed ! All the loons that are preaching take from the Rich and Give to the Poor are attempting to live in a Utopian Fantasy ! AOC talking about the Government paying everyone a certain amount of money every Week or Month ? Where is the money supposed to come from ? They all want to take what the “Haves” are trying to Survive on, and re-distribute to the “Have-nots” that aren’t working so they don’t have to work ! It’s easy for a Congress Person with their part time job that’s getting $174,000.00 annually to tell others they should be compensated by other peoples’ money ,but ask them how much of their money they would “Give Up” Not very much if anything

  15. I would point out (As if they needed it.) to the more sane citizens of Portland that if they wish to retain some freedoms that BLM/ANTIFA would take away, Sarah Iannarone is likely NOT the one citizens should look too. It is the terrorist group she represents that has burned many business’s out of existence, business’s that are owned by many that BLM/ANTIFA maintain they are protesting to protect, killed innocent people, looted and intimated those that would take issue with their dogma. If indeed, you, the citizens of Portland have enjoyed what has happened to your city, then by all means vote for this person that has placed herself solidly behind anarchy…on the other hand, if you’re for law and order and the freedom to express yourselves, even if it’s contrary to these groups, then for crying out loud DO NOT vote for the person that would take that away from you.

  16. I can’t believe the people of Portland want to live that way. Wake up and vote against these hateful Marxist Leftist lying people.

    1. This is the time for real Americans to get out and shoot this low life out of existence. Afraid there are no real Americans any more. They had been invented by Hollywood Jews in old good times. Now the Negroes rule Hollywood while the Hollywood Jews indulged in pedophilia and licking black added. So do the rest of white Americans sunk in Sodom and Gomorrah. Will be burned to ashes by betrayal of GOD who gave them everything.

  17. Antifa terrorist running for Portland mayor. You can’t make this stuff up. LMAO – who in their right mind would vote for this. Well people today don’t seem to be in their right mind. Citizens of Portland – if you allow this you deserve everything that comes with it!

  18. What would really surprise me about Portland would be voting for a Political Party that will act like they govern the City. The only time I noted any of the Elected Officials supposedly governing the city actively getting upset over the unlawful activities was when they visited the mayors home. I can not remember the last time I laughed so hard for soo long.
    Does anyone believe that the next city election will see a steep reduction of Commiecrats elected??

  19. Only if the voters allow it to happen. Hopefully, they have had enough of this bull shit and elect someone who will clean up and arrest these “anarchists”!!

  20. What is wrong with the people of Portland? Isn’t there someone who would run for election that would represent America? And not someone who wants to overthrow it? Or allow businesses to burn and be destroyed and the lives of people be endangered and then refuse help from the government to call in the National Guard to stop it? What am I missing here? Isn’t there anyone who lives there who has the courage to stand up for America and protect its residents and businesses and run to oppose these far-left radicals? If there is no one to do this–then know– you will continue to live with the results of your failure to act!

    1. What’s wrong with allwhite Americans? Talking nonsense about elections, democracy, licking black feet and yransgendering? You are done with your 2 amendment and all other rubbish. You don’t exist starting November 3, 2020.

  21. Ray: Oops! Apparently you’ve become so excited that you did a “Biden1” He too, has a tendency to be confused with state & city locations. The woman in question, her photo is above, is vying to be the “Antifa” Mayor of Portl,and, Oregon. Of course, Seattle also has had its incursion of Antifa, But, Ray, please don’t jump ahead of political announcements, the subject here, today, is the intention of the Iannarone woman to run for Mayor of Portland, Oregon, which has been a city cursed with Antifa presence and destruction.

  22. This Country has enough domestic terrorists running Our cities and states! This woman is NO better, if not worse, then the person she would like to replace!!!
    America can do better!! VOTE RESPONSIBLY!!!!!

  23. Our country is becoming very weak . IF WE DON’T HAVE LAW AND ORDER. WE HAVE NOTHING. Eight years of obummer the down fall.

  24. I read many of the comments posted here. It sounds to me that the only choice in November is to vote republican. If not, this country is doomed. God help us.

  25. Portland is on a fast track to becoming Antifastan! I know I always post this, but remember that this scum is merely the symptom we see. The root cause is the stupid fucking voters who elected Teddy Squealer and maybe this Commie cunt! This is the great victory the Left has won over 6 decades of turning our schools into Marxist indoctrination centers. If Wheeler is opposed by 2/3 of Portland voters, I can’t imagine them electing someone even worse. She looks like a dyke, to boot!

  26. Wake up, vote Republican this November. Our family lives depend on it.
    Democrats have no drive needed to fix problems in the state. Things will worsen for people.
    The answer to the problems that the state, the city facing is a Republican to take over and with the support of Republican Legislature fix the problems that Democrats destroy, build people’s lives up.
    Vote TRUMP 2020, Vote Republican all the way.
    The democratic party would cut police funding, given 11 million illegal immigrants amnesty and healthcare, and raise taxes by $4 trillion- the biggest taxes increase in history. That would devastate our communities and put our families at risk.

  27. OMG!!! This is beyond reckless!!! I hope the ppl don’t even consider this thing. These Antifa inhuman things are doing everything they can to ruin and run this country their way

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