Who Will Trump Pick to Replace RBG? Here Are 4 Possibilities

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg highlights the stark contrast between President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden. The president plans to promptly select a woman from his published list to fill the post within days. Biden refuses to name a single candidate — leaving voters in the dark about the country’s future lifetime appointments should a Democrat reach the White House.

Trump has effectively narrowed the field to the women on his list. These are leading candidates and why the GOP-held Senate would likely confirm before year’s end.

1: Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Widely considered a frontrunner, the 48-year-old former Notre Dame law professor was nominated and confirmed (55-43) to the Seventh Court of Appeals in 2017. Her academic pedigree rivals any on the American landscape, and her devotion to conservative principles fits seamlessly with the White House and GOP.

Barret clerked for beloved U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia before earning a position as a professor of constitutional law and the federal court system. Her Catholic faith irked Democrats during her appeals court confirmation hearings, most notably California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Although a pro-life conservative, Barret stated she was not inclined to overturn Roe v Wade, believing firmly in precedent. However, her fact-based position that “taxing” Americans for not buying Obamacare is unconstitutional has liberals fuming.

Barret possesses one of, if not the sharpest legal minds in the country. She’s a conservative worthy of filling the great RGB’s post.

2: Judge Barbara Lagoa

If President Trump and his discussion with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell conclude that they will need the help from moderate Democrats to confirm, Lagoa offers a palatable alternative. The 52-year-old judge was appointed to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by President Trump with an 80-15 mandate in the Senate.

The Miami native made her bones in the court fighting for others of Cuban heritage, taking on high-profile cases pro bono. Should the president nominate Lagoa, Democrats would lose their identity politics cover and be forced to choose or deny the first Cuban-American a position on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lagoa certainly possesses the legal insight for the lifetime post and is considered the go-to nominee if McConnell checks his vote list and needs to reach across the aisle.

3: Judge Allison Jones Rushing

In ordinary times, 38-year-old Judge Rushing would rank among the favorites to serve on the high court. We do not live in ordinary times, and Rushing faced fierce Democrat opposition during her Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmation. She was seated on the bench by a 53-44 vote. Her clerkships with three conservative judges — Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Neil Gorsuch, and U.S. Circuit Judge David Sentelle — only added to the radicals’ anger. Her alignment with the Christian non-profit organization Alliance Defending Freedom makes her a high-value target of the far left.

Although capable of filling the vacancy for decades, Rushing ranks among the least likely to garner a single Democrat vote and lose Maine Sen. Susan Collins, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Utah RHINO Mitt Romney.

4: Judge Bridget Bade

The 54-year-old was recently elevated to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which leveled the playing field in the notoriously liberal court. The former Arizona U.S. Attorney is considered among the field of candidates, but not necessarily a leader.

The president understands that elevating her to the high court now would diminish the balance in the “Nutty Ninth.” With weeks until the election, President Trump could not promote her and also fill the Ninth vacancy should Biden win the White House. The president and Democrat candidate are locked in a tough campaign with little margin for error. In an off-election year, Bade could rival Lagoa and Rushing, but perhaps not Barret.

87 thoughts on “Who Will Trump Pick to Replace RBG? Here Are 4 Possibilities”

      1. Probably not best of all time. President Washington and President Lincoln would be at the top. However having said that President Trump is doing a great job and may end up in on that list.

        1. i predict it will be amy….i tel you why
          i am a devouted catholic and god is everywhere
          with me ok she has adopted 2 kids from haiti
          has some kids of her own does charity wrk…and goldie
          god will give her that grace i know it why i have faith
          if this is what she is asking the lord it will be granted
          lets hope so….


      2. I agree, it seems the world is against President Trump. They must be so corrupt their fear of a second term scares them all. I wish Durham would come out and prosecute those most deserving. President Trump I feel is the only thing holding this America together. I’m shocked at people I know are planning to vote in socialism. GOD bless President Trump and America

      3. President Trump has the knowledge and “guts” to accomplish precedences per our President. Terms of office need to be changed as when they (the office holder) becomes outdated to their ability to handle their jobs according to their requirements.

    1. Probably not best of all time. President Washington and President Lincoln would be at the top. However having said that President Trump is doing a great job and may end up in on that list.

      1. In these present times Washington and Lincoln would not have one clue what to do. Trump is appointed by God because he knows what this country needs and can bring it to pass.

          1. You do know that the hand of God has been on this President (Trump) for the past 20-30 years, don’t you? It was stated by a devout man in Rome that Donald J. Trump would lead America back to God.

      1. Our country needed a stong businessman to get us on track and Trump has been the best man for that job from the beginning. We need him to continue with cleaning up the financial mess and our over-commitments to other countries.

    2. Our GOD has raised President Trump for such a time!!!! Amen. It is by God’s Grace that HE is giving “Nineveh” ( the United States) a second chance. We need to pray for our nation, our President and vice president, and with our FAITH, trust GOD, and watch GOD do HIS mighty work to restore our nation, IF IT BE HIS WILL !!!! My son reminded me the other day that we, as Christian’s, know that we are drawing close to end, which is inevitable, the HOLY BIBLE says so,….. (our handbook on life). So my son’s powerful message was…….if GOD allows a democrat to enter the presidency, and we know what that means for our nation….then what an opportunity for us, (as Christians), to speak the word of GOD to people that may not have heard the word of GOD any other way. This is our obligation as disciples of Jesus to bring souls to Christ. This is what it is all about……SALVATION !!!

  1. Thank God we have President Trump. The right man during these crazy times. Get out there and vote Republican. Our kids futures depend on it. Go TRUMP

        1. The Democrats look at what Obama did with creating all the racial tension and anti law attacks. Thank God we now have a President that loves all Americans. President Trump one of the greatest presidents.

        2. The Democrats and Mr. Obama were the architect of all that division. They were also the holders of slaves and the founders of the KKK. So there’s that……

          1. African slaves didn’t volunteer to leave friends and family for a free trip to America without a visa; hunted, they were captured and sold on the market by other African people of color. One of the first buyers was a rich person of the same skin color during the 16th Century.

        3. Really u better do your homework. And stop being so deceived by the radicals, liberals and Demo’s. If u love your family u would c the truth and not lies. It’s sad!! Feel sorry for your family. Can’t believe u want America to be done. Wow!!!

  2. Doesn’t matter who Trump icks. They would all be better than Oboob’s picks or anyone senile uncle Joe has in mind, if he has a mind.

    1. I don’t think sleepy joe has a mind he even said two hundred fifty million died for corona virus. He don’t even know the total population of the United States.

    2. Creepy Uncle Joe doesn’t have a list yet. When he is told who he will pick – then he will have a list…..that is if hasn’t turned the country over to Heels Up Harris.

  3. Mr. President whomever you choose I’m sure that they will be a perfect fit for the job, I do hope the person who is nominated is full right wing conservative so the playing field is leveled out. TRUMP 2020, Thanks Mr. President for all you do for us true Americans.

  4. I would pick Judge Amy Coney Barrett , but couldn’t go wrong with Judge Barbara Lagoa . She will give our President the best value though in this critical election come November . My opinion !

  5. Amy Barrett is the best choice for several reasons
    She will ensure Romney is on board and they have at least
    The 51 votes needed, being a very strong a Catholic
    This will help for sure seal the deal with PA. Voters and MI.
    Possibly too in Minn. all critical for a Trump win.
    Also why don’t we just take the vote for the radical left democrats want to make this a circus with fake assumptions ,we don’t need this , if they do 1 week only .
    Then vote after the 1 st debate . Win it and move on .
    And bat brain Pelosy and company advocating putting rioting in the streets vote out these destructive democrats who did -0 to help the country in 4 years . I rest my case !!

    1. Yes, the most critical thing we need to get done in the next election is to vote out all these destructive politicians who are doing so much to destroy our country.

    1. No because there are to many people who vote with their hatred, and not common sense. You don’t say that Joe Biden is the better candidate you say Trump is a divider. You see only what you want to see and not what is, because you are a hater.

  6. Just b careful she will NOT b like judge Robert’s. I feel he has turned on we, the AMETICAN REPUBLICANS. I HAVE confidence that PRES. TRUMP will Fully check whoever it comes down to his choosing . I have a few ladies in mind but
    Not certain 100% yet. But he has all their info and he is much more better qualified than me. I think I would choose between num. 1 and 2

  7. Amy Comey Barrett is the ideal choice let the self professed fighters of the war on women try to torch one right before the election. That will look good to suburban white women. Puts sleepy Joe in a tenuous position.

  8. Democrats had the same challenges in 2016, President Obama never wasted time to fill the vacancy, why witch hunt President Trump now in 2020 on the same circumstances, my President go ahead and fill the vacancy, we the silent winners are solidly behind you.

  9. Some onr has to lead, others need to learn to follow. We have the confidence in mt. Trump to make the right decision. Just pray for him, that. God will direct him in every decision. God bless our president, and. God bless. Usa.

  10. Amy Coney Barrett would be my choice because the “Dogma lives loudly inside her” and I’m sure Nancy Pelosi will be “very prayerful” for her as well as President Trump every Sunday as she worships God along with Joe Biden. They have painted themselves into a corner, haven’t they? Also, no one can call her a racist with her two adopted children from Haiti adding to their other 5. The suburban women should have respect for her. Yep….I think ACB is the right choice. A role model for all young women for decades to come. May Judge Ginsburg rest in Peace.

  11. PRESIDENT Trump is the best PRESIDENT ever. He has GOD and the great American Republic people on his side. GOD will lead and guide him to make the right decision.

  12. What we need is a conservative middle of the road who will abide by the laws of The Constitution that our Forefathers wrote to guide the country, not a liberal who will rewrite The Constitution to bring the country down to the low-life morals and values of the demoncrat party. Barrett would be my first choice. We knew what we were voting for when we elected The Donald to lead the country and he has fufilled his campaign promises as best he could against an obstructionist demoncratic low house of congress. Vote Straight Republican ticket to take back Congress and let President Trump lead the country for four more years.

  13. Of the candidates put forth by our president, I think Amy Coney Barrett is the best choice for the job. However politically speaking the best choice would be Barbara Lagoa. She would bring in more Latino votes in November, but she may not be a member of the Federalist, or a Strict Constructionist.

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